The Truth

I hope this short story gets your heart beating fast, and if I get feedback I might add more! Thanks!


9. Potential

    When I really go into the deepest bowels of my mind, I can surface that memory. It seems to be so long ago, although it only occurred not even a year previous to the current day. 

     You may have guessed the path that I chose that night. I chose the path preferably less traveled by, for multiple reasons. When I make up a list why I wanted this life, I can only come up with one reason. To save others from what Alexander tried to do to me. To be the savior to those unlucky enough to come into the war path of a bloodsucking monster.

    The truth? 

    I am a vampire slayer, and proud to be one.

    Until the day I found out my next target was an old.... friend. Can you guess who it is?

    Ding ding ding! We need to get this reader a prize!

    My next target was my very savior from all that time ago.

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