The Truth

I hope this short story gets your heart beating fast, and if I get feedback I might add more! Thanks!


7. Posies

    "No, no!" I scream, tendrils of dust swirling around us as I struggle to pull away from Alexander. The upcoming bravery swells deeply inside of me.

    "There's nowhere to go little girl."

    "There's always a place to go." I grunt, shoving my foot into his knee cap with a satisfying crack. 

    He falls back and crashes onto the floor, as I push myself to my feet. He recovers fast, but not quite fast enough. "I bet you didn't know I've been taking karate!" I bellow as I swing my right fist, successfully connecting with his nose. 

    Blood trickles down from the severed bone, like a symbolic crimson river. "You can't beat me." He growls, dragging his sleeve under his gushing nose.

     "I believe the proper word is can, or better yet, will." 

    In a flood of anger, he extends his fangs.

    Then he smiles maliciously.

    And in a movement quick as lightning, he digs his fangs into my neck.

    The truth?

    I'm beginning to feel dizzy... 


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