The Odd Pair

COMPLETED!! This is another Harry Potter fan fiction. In this, Harry's twin sister Hermione Potter reveals her deepest, darkest secret to her older, overly protective brother. Harry has a break down.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


3. The Sacred Vows

"Draco… I don't know if I'm ready to actually be your wife. You and I… it's a bit of a complicated and rocky relationship. And Harry, he's still upset with me. It's been about six days now. And I can't see myself getting Marked here…in our school." I sighed, talking to myself in my full length mirror. I was ready, just nervous. 

     There was a knock on the door and Ron said "Mione? Are you ready to come on out? The whole school is waiting for you. And my parents are here, so..."

     "I'm ready. Send your mother in. And KEEP DRACO AWAY FROM THE DOOR! Don't pretend you're not out there, Drackie! I can hear, see, sense, and feel you! GO AWAY!!" 

     Draco scurried off and Ron chuckled. "Oi! Ronald Weasley! One day, that will be YOU!!" I snapped as I opened the door to let Mrs. Weasley in. 

     She giggled at my comment and quickly shut the door behind her. "Lets have a look-see here, dear. Well, that's a very lovely dress. I absolutely love it. The way that the soft pink contrasts with the eggshell white. And the lace on the bodice. Though the straplessness of it all makes you look stunning in itself. The train is gorgeous. Gossamer lace. It's gorgeous!" 

     Her gushing over me made me blush a deep crimson red. Which of course made me look like a bright red tomato. 

     "Dear, I think you're ready to walk down the--for lack of a better word--aisle and become Hermione Gretchen Potter-Malfoy. Draco is a lucky man." 

      "Thank you, Mrs. Weasley. I truly appreciate your help." I said, hugging her. 

     "I'll get the people settled." She said and hugged me once more, leaving me to sit with my thoughts.  

     It wasn't long after she left that I heard her voice booming in the Great Hall, ordering the hooligans to settle themselves or they'd be in detention and worse for the rest of the school year. I giggled to myself, knowing that she wasn't even joking about this. 

     "Hermione. You're up." A voice called out. And I knew instantly that it was my brother. 

     "Thank you, Brother." I said as I took Harry's arm. He looked amazing, he actually dressed in a tux for me. For my wedding. For my Marking. 

     We walked down the aisle and all I could see was my Veela Mate. My love, my life, my everything. And I knew right then, that I didn't care what the pain would be, how it would feel, having his veela fangs bite into my skin multiple times, I just knew that I'd do it over and over again given the choice. 

     "Draco." I sighed inside. 

     Harry hugged me before we separated and he whispered "I love you, Sister. I will always." 

     I smiled and hugged him back. He let go of me and pushed me gently towards Draco. 

     "Are you ready?" Draco asked. 

     "Yes, yes I am."

     He nodded his head and looked expectantly up at his father. I gulped, I forgot that his parents would have to be here too. I shook nervously. 

     How would they react to their only son marrying and Marking a Potter? I looked up at my soon to be Father-in-Law. He sneered at me. But smiled kindly as I looked taken aback. 

      "My dear son, Draco. Are you ready to give the Sacred Vows that you and your mate must exchange before the Marking?" Lucius Malfoy's drawling voice rang out into the Great Hall. 

     Draco looked at me and with a look of determination, he said "I am."

     "And with that, we begin."

     "Hermione Gretchen Potter, I swear unto thee that I shall remain faithful. That I shall always love you, that I shall always be yours and that I shall always protect you. Do you accept my vows?" 

     I gulped and smiled at him. "Yes, of course I do. Draco Lucius Malfoy, I swear unto thee that I shall remain by your side and as your loyal mate forever and I shall do the best I can at being there for you. You and our future shall be full of beauty and wonderment. I love you, Draco. Do you accept my vows?"

    "Yes, I do." Draco smiled at me. 

     I blushed. 

     "Now, Draco my child. You are to Mark your mate just as your father did to me." Narcissa Malfoy said as she walked to stand by her husband. 

     I braced myself for the bite, the feeling of pain... And it never came. I looked over at Draco and saw him looking intently at me. I reached out to him with my mind. 

     "Draco? Is everything alright?" 
     "Yes. I just can feel your nerves. Please relax and this will be over soon enough."

     And with that, Draco pulled me close to him and he moved my bushy hair from the left side of my neck and put his mouth on to my shoulder, close to my collar bone and extracted his fangs. He sunk them into my skin and I refused to even gasp or shudder in pain. I could take it. He pulled away from me and with that, my skin healed immediately and I was Marked as Draco Malfoy's Veela Mate

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