The Odd Pair

COMPLETED!! This is another Harry Potter fan fiction. In this, Harry's twin sister Hermione Potter reveals her deepest, darkest secret to her older, overly protective brother. Harry has a break down.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


2. Just Barely

     "Hermione…" I heard. 
    I tried to sit up, and failed miserably. My head was on fire. And I screamed. 

     "MADAME POMFREY!!" Someone outside my dark world shouted. 

     I heard quick, running footsteps and then someone was saying, "That's enough shouting, Mister Malfoy. Now go along and leave her be. She needs a dose of the Bone Regrower. And it's nasty stuff."

     "Inform me when she wakes up again, Madame Pomfrey." Said another voice. "Come with me, Draco. You can explain to the headmaster what has transpired here between you and Potter. Also, inform me of his condition once she awakens please."

     "Of course, Professor Snape." 

     And then two sets of footprints retreated from the room. 

     "And now, Miss Potter, I'd like you to try to open your eyes completely. That's right, dear. And you'll need to take this potion. I know you don't like it and it's not very tasteful. But it will help with the healing of your skull. Your scalp and cuts have been completely healed in the last here days you've spent here. So, I'll keep you here for two more. You should be fully healed within the day and I'll keep you for the next day to look after you."

     I spoke raspy, saying; "Yes. I understand." 

     "Now, drink up." 

     I did. And it was the foulest thing that had ever crossed my taste buds. I almost spat it out, but I choked it down and was rewarded with a chocolate frog. And I once again passed out. 

      I awoke once again and saw darkness that was slowly turning to light. It was dawn. I sat up and I didn't fall back down this time! I tried to stand, but that was out of the question, being as I was still dizzy. 
     "Great." I muttered and sat back down. 

     Madame Pomfrey came out of her office. (She's always had a eerie way of knowing when one of her patients was up.) 

     "Deary, please, lay back. You're disoriented. Here, Mister Weasley dropped this off for you. He said it was your favourite. I'll just get it up for you." She said, motioning to some Shepard's Pie and hot sauce. On a tray by the foot of my hospital bed. 

     "Ron… thank you…" I thought. 
     Madame Pomfrey handed me my food and then left me alone. I ate it ravenously. 

     When I looked around, I saw my brother across the room and he looked worse than when the Whomping Willow had beat up the car. 

     "HARRY!!" I shouted as I got up to run over to him. I fell on the floor and cursed. I got back up again and dragged myself over to him. 

     "What…what have I done to you?!" I sobbed as I finally got to my brother. 

     The doors burst open and a gush of wind came through them. Hurried footsteps followed. I knew who it was. And he had better not come to yell at me for my stupidity. 

     "Hermione!! Are you completely  mental?! You KNEW both of you could've gotten hurt! Why'd you tell him like that?!"

     I counted to ten and let out a deep breath. Ronald, I had to tell him! What would you have me do?! Let him see the scar I get next week? And NOT tell him before hand?! Draco was right to have me tell him. But I was right to not wish to tell him. Besides, you've known all term!"

     "Term has only just started! It's hardly been a month! You can't seriously be thinking that this was going to help Harry!"

     He was right, I wasn't thinking that. All I could think of was how much pain I could feel from Harry. I could feel his betrayal, the pain of his wounds, and I could tell he was faking sleep. 

     "Ron, I was only thinking that if my brother knew…he'd understand and love me still. But if I was wrong, and if I was not ready for telling him and he not ready to hear it, I'm sorry. I just needed for him to know…to see… Ron, I'm sorry."

     Ron shook his head and helped me back to my bed. The whole time saying, "Mione, everyone and their brother knows how much you care for your brother. How much you love your relationship with him. How much you would give up for him. And if this one thing completely damages that, it was not time to tell your brother. To should know, Draco sent me. Apparently, he and Madame Pomfrey had a bit if a spat last night and then Snape dragged him to Dumbledore. So, he says he loves you and he wants to talk with you as soon as he can. But Snape is also on his way here. Peeves intercepted him as a favour. But he should be here any second. I must go now." Ron said and left me. 

     I sighed and was about to try and speak with my brother when the doors opened once again and a very disheveled, very angry, covered in sticky black ink Snape limped in. It took all my self control to not laugh. 

     "Miss Potter. If I may have a word with you?" He drawled. 

     Repressing a smile, I nodded. 

     "I shall be but a moment." Snape said as he walked towards Madame Pomfrey's office. 

     He came back about three minuets later and he looked good, no more ink, not even a hair out of place and less angry. "Now, Miss Potter the Headmaster has asked me to get your side of the story. And I must admit, I'm intrigued by this story so far. You see, Mister Malfoy has all ready supplied his side and I must say, it was most surprising." 

     At this, I blushed red in embarrassment. And this made Snape smirk. 

     "If you will, start with your side, Miss Potter." 

     "Of course, sir. Well, I was taking Harry out of the Great Hall in order to speak to him about a rather personal matter. And he became enraged with what I had told him. And then… then well, you know the rather complicated and rocky relationship he has with Malfoy. Well, Malfoy had just barged in on us as Harry was screaming at me, and then Harry tackled Dra-- I mean Malfoy and they started to fight brutally. I tried to break it up, but Harry hit me, then punched me and threw me across the room. The last thing I saw was Malfoy morphing into something terrifying and then I woke up here and Madame Pomfrey made me drink the most retched and disgusting thing that I've ever tasted." 

     "I see… Can you explain to me why Mister Malfoy claimed that you are his veela mate and that you were speaking to Mister Potter about this? And that Malfoy claims that he was touching you, hugging you to be more precise, when Potter attacked him? Can you verify any of this, Miss Potter?"

     I sucked in a breath and cursed at Draco for telling Snape before the day as planned. "Yes, Professor, all he told you was true. And I'm sorry you found out like that."

     Snape actually laughed. "Have you any idea how long I've known about this?" 

     "I'm sorry… What are you saying?" 

     "I've known since the summer."

     "Great! Who else knows?!" I demanded. 

     "All the staff. And soon, the school will once you've been marked as Draco's." 

     I turned away, looking at my brother for some sign of…well, a sign of anything really. "Harry, in know you're awake. You've never been able to lie to me. Tell me, what is it that hurt you the most. The fact that I love him or the fact that it's him?"

     Harry stirred and sat up. His bandages cracking as he did so. "Sister… It's none of that. It's that everyone seemed to know save for me. And, yeah, a little is cuz it's him." 

     Snape looked from me to Harry and back again. "You know, twins have to get along some how. And after what you did to your sister, Potter; I'm shocked you aren't in St. Mungo's. You'll need to watch what you do and how you do it around Draco Malfoy from now on. I'm fairly certain that the only thing that allowed him to stop was seeing how badly injured she was. If he hasn't brought her here when he did, you wouldn't have a sister anymore. The blow to her head was much to powerful for Madame Pomfrey alone and that is a shock in its own right. I had to make the potion more than triple it's usual potency." 

     Harry looked away ashamed. 

     "It's fine, Harry. I'm fine. I'm alive. It's all good. And Draco, that will have to be taken in stride." 

     "No, it's just that I almost killed the one family I have left and I didn't even know we were twins or related until a year and a half ago when I saw the… the Prophecy. It told me about you. And then I saw a silver lining in my dark dismal world. You, and to think that I almost caused your death… Hermione. I'm so sorry."

     Snape left us and I went over to Harry and hugged him tightly (as tightly as I dared I should say) and told him all was well. Tomorrow would be the beginning of next week and my first day as a wedded mate to a veela. I am ready for this... I think. 

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