J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


12. Chatper 12

Liam's POV

That was an amazing kiss. sparks defiantly flew and now I'm taking her home but I don't want her to go.

"J.C. do you want to come to my house tonight and hang out with the boys a movie night maybe"

"Of course I would."

"Ill take you home and you can shower"

"You can stay at my house while I do , it wont take me long." I smile we get to her house and there was a note from Emma saying she was gone. J.C. headed to the shower and I just looked around. I started wondering around and I walked right into J.C. who was in nothing but a towel. her hair was in a messy bun and half of her body was still wet I couldn't help but stare at her beauty, She was extremely sexy.


"OH My Gosh I am so sorry I was just looking around and was walking and then you were right there and I ran into you and Im so  so-" I was cut off by her soft lips on mine. I felt her smile into the kiss and she pulled away but really I didn't want it to end.

"Liam. Its ok...." She smiled at me and went into her room. wow she is amazing. I wait a little longer and she comes out looking beautiful as always. I realized her shirt earlier It was a 5 Second of Summer shirt. Their the opening band for us during our next tour. Maybe they will just have to meet each other.

"What are you smiling about"

"Oh nothing" she puts her arm around my neck and kisses me. I cant help myself around her. As we continue passionately kissing a slowly pin her against the wall behind her. I wrap my arms around her waist and make the kiss more deep and she playfully bites my lip.

"WOAH!!!!! NO SEX UNDER THIS ROOF!! GET YOUR BUMS OFF THAT WALL!" I smile and laugh and turn around to see a extremely amused Emma.

"Sorry Emma"

"Liam for the last time you can call me CeCe" J.C. steps in

"Im going to his house for a movie night with the boys is that ok?"

"Yeah of course it is Jane, Im having so you can stay over there is you want" J.C. looks up at me and I smile

"That's fine by me" I smile and playfully grab J.C.'s waist. she smiles and we head out to the car

"J.C. I never officially asked you something" she looked a little confused

"What" I take her hand in mine and leave one hand on the wheel

"Will you be my girlfriend?" she has the brightest smile

"Of course I will"

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