J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


8. Chapter 8

J.C.'s POV

I wake up In an unfamiliar place. I have no idea where I am. I start freaking out and swing my feet off of the bed to get up only to trip over someone and fall on top of them. I hit with a bang and hear a moan from who I tripped over. of course it was Liam . he looked at me and laughed

"good morning to you too" He says in a raspy morning voice, in which I must say is sexy. I couldn't help but laugh and then I realized that our faces are only inches apart Liam starts leaning in and I almost do but the door swings open and interrupting are 4 very attractive boys smiling at us

"well sorry to interrupt but could you keep the love making down we thought you were hurt" I blush and get off of Liam

"Its not like that, we just met, and I just fell because I freaked out because I wasn't home!" I look directly at Liam giving him a look saying 'why the fuck am I here and not home'

"You got a text from Emma saying she wasn't going to be home and I didn't want you to be alone on your first night in London" of course and innocent answer but then again he did give his bed up for me

"well .. thank you" we were staring into each others eyes

"Cough Cough!!! still here" Louis says making me blush

"well love Im Louis"



"Harry" of course he gives a cheeky smile and a wink and Liam kicks him making me giggle.

"I WANT WAFFLES" Niall screams they all run down stairs to start cooking and left me and Liam upstairs.

"I hope your not to mad at me I just thought it would be for the best and -" I cut him off

"Liam its ok really, you slept on the floor for me, I understand your intentions were good" he smiled

"we better get down stairs before they think we are doing something bad" I laugh

"You go ahead Ill be down in a minute" he gets up and kisses my forehead which gave me butterflies. I seriously need to think. do I like Liam? I think I do but does he feel the same? I push the thought away and pick up my phone and called Joey


"Joey calm down, Liam found out where I lived and came and got me and took me to this amazing place with beautiful lights and he taught me to skate and then I slept at his house...I know what your thinking and no there was no funny business he slept on the floor then I think we almost kissed this morning... but then the other boys walked im at the 1D house right now...." I wait for the scream


"J.C. take this phone to my future husband now"

"which one joey"

"Is it legal to marry them all" I laugh and walk downstairs and find the boys eating i turn to them and motion them to stay as quiet as possible and I put Joey on speaker

"Joey I was just kidding no One Direction here"

"Jane Clarice Bunton!!! I know when you lie to me!" I get a piece of paper and write down that joey is my gay bestfriend and they start laughing

"I can hear them Jane!"

"hey you know I don't like being called Jane"

"Janie I don't like when you lie to me"

"Well say hi joe"


"DONT CALL ME JANIE!" I hand the boys my phone

"HI JOEY WE ARE ONE DIRECTION" all I hear is screaming and them I hang up and we all burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

"Yes he is a nut job but he is my nut job"

"I like him maybe he should come meet us" Louis says. we all eat our breakfast and talk I get to know the boys better and the day went by pretty quickly I explain to Liam that I was still Jet lagged and he took me home.

"um...I put my number in your phone so text me ok..." he looked almost...self conscious, he is wanted my thousands of girls why would he be self conscious around me. I pull him into a hug

"I will Liam, I promise" we said goodnight but I wish I could stay with Liam again tonight I think I really am falling for him.


A/N give me some feed back tell me what you want to happen and I will try to add some of it in !!!! (:

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