J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


7. Chapter 7

Liam's POV

As Im driving I look over at J.C. to find her asleep she looks so gorgeous. her phone was on her lap and she got a text from Emma saying that she wouldn't be home tonight. The text didn't wake her up and I didn't want her waking up tomorrow without Emma there so I decide to take her to my house. Im sure the boys wont care I will explain it all.

I pull up to my house and go around the car and pick J.C. up and take her in and put her in my bed. Ill sleep in the floor or something. I pull the covers up around her and brush her hair back and kiss her forehead, is it possible to be even more beautiful while you sleep. I come back down stairs to all of the boys smirking and nudging each other.

"Its not like that!" they all look doubtfully at me and Louis breaks the silence

"then what is it like lad" I love the boys but they were making me mad.

"first of all keep it down don't wake her up. OK... do you remember when I went to the store but came back with no food well its because she ran into be and I dropped it all then she said she wasn't a fan but she knew who we were and she wouldn't even tell me her name and then I kind of went all stalker and figured it out and she is Baby spices niece and went and picked her up and took her out and im rambling on aren't I..." they all burst out in quiet laughter. Niall spoke up this time

"You like her mate" then harry

"Liam has a crush!"

"shut up! ok so maybe I like her!" am I admitting it? yeah. I am. I like J.C. 

"guys its late and Im tired"

"but wait, you seem like she means a lot to you so... where did you take her" Zayn asked I stayed quiet

"OMG, He took her THERE"


"Yes I took her to my special place no big deal"

"Liam you have only taken your mom and girl ...ever"

"well this girl is different" they just smile and at that I head to my room and sleep in the floor right below J.C.


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