J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


6. chapter 6

J.C.'s POV

Liam still wont tell me where we are going. He doesn't creep me out as much other than the fact that I caught his staring at me. Suddenly we stop and I look outside and we are at what looks like an abandoned building. I look over at Liam with a confused look and he just laughs at me.

"Don't judge a book by its cover love" he smiles and grabs my hand helping me out of the car we walk in and I notice that we are still hand in hand I quickly let go and ...I think Liam...frowned. Does he like me or something....No we just met and he is famous im just a girl from America.

I was in aw. This place looked magical. There were bright lights lined all around the place, there were rides and arcade games and a skating rink, All in one building.

"wow..." Liam looked down at me and smiled.

"this is my go to place"

"yeah I bet you bring all your girlfriends here" I didn't mean to say that it just slipped and he looked really hurt by it

"Im sorry Liam, I didn't mean it, it just sl-" 

"Its ok I just have never actually brought a girl less you count my mum" he smiled and I laughed.

"Then why did you bring me"

"I don't actually know, I just felt like I needed to .. I don't know....lets just forget it and go have fun" he smiled and grabbed my hand and lead me to some rides and we had a ton of fun we rode rides played arcade game, which I rocked him at. then he took me over to the skating rink and went to get us skates, I haven't actually told him that I cant skate yet... he comes back and hands me the skates and I just look at them

"Let me guess ... you don't know how to skate" I shake my head and he bursts out laughing

"put the skates on... its time to learn." I smile and put them on and he stands up and holds out his hand but Im still scarred

"Liam I WALKED into you when we first met what makes you think I can skate" He just smiles and grabs my waist and I let out a squeal he doesn't let go and even though we just met he makes me feel safe. He slowly lets go of my waist and takes my hand letting me semi skate on my own but still being there for support. As we skate I feel his eyes on me, he intertwines our fingers and smiles and I look at him and cant help but smile.

We skate for a while then we head out to his car and start home. Im still jet lagged and I start dosing off. Im eventually asleep.

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