J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


5. Chapter 5

J.C.'s POV

I practically ran home. Liam gave me the creeps. I knew CeCe wouldn't be home so when I got there I called Joey.

"How is my Brit girl doing!"



"Well you wont believe this." I continue to tell him about Liam and how he creeped me out.

"WHAT!!! You are tell me LIAM JAMES PAYNE TALKED TO YOU AND YOU DENIED HIM!!!" typical Joey over dramatic

"Yes that is what I am saying Joey"

"J.C. why would you do that! what if he liked you!"

"He just met me!"

"And you didn't keep your promise!" I knew that was coming

"Yeah in between what Joey me knocking him down or me walking away"

"Girl you know you could have fit it in there" Suddenly there was a knock at the door I continued to listen to Joey rant as I got up and opened the door

"Um...Joey .... I have to..ah...go..."

"but J-" I hung up on him and nearly dropped my phone.

"What the actual fuck" he looked surprised.

"Potty mouth much."

"How did you find out where I lived I didn't even tell you my name."

"Well miss J.C." I look at him in aw as he says my name "I am Liam Payne and I have my resources."

"Isn't that stalking" he gasped sarcastically

"Im offended, now come on Im taking you out on the town." he holds out his had but I don't take it.

"Come on I already talked to Emma" how did he know I was staying with CeCe

"Ill explain in the car come on" he grabs my hand and takes me to his car and of course does the gentleman thing and opened the door for me.


Liam's POV

I have the perfect thing planned since she hasn't been in London yet. As I drive I keep sneaking peeks at her, she is so beautiful her eyes are so bright they just light up.

"shouldn't you be watching the road Liam" she say with a giggle making me blush her giggle was intoxicating

"Sorry I was staring at something far more beautiful." I said under my breath but I could tell she heard me because she started blushing.

"Where are you taking me and you never told me how you found all this stuff out."

"Well where I am taking you is a surprise and lets just say Im a huge fan of the spice girls." She laughs at that

"And do you believe in there come back just as much as Ce- I mean Emma"

"Of course I do! Don't you" we both start laughing. I really like her. what am I saying I just met her and she thinks Im a stalker at this point. Hopefully I can change her mind.

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