J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


4. Chapter 4

I walked into a guy with short dark hair, his eyes where a chocolate brown and he had a birthmark on his neck. He was extremely attractive and I knew exactly who he was. I was looked down and realized that he had groceries and had dropped them and they were all over the ground.

"Oh My Gosh, I am so sorry, I wasn't watching..." I decided to stop rambling. he just smiled at me and I got down and helped pick his things up. how could I have been so stupid. I felt bad I had ruined half of his food.

"Can I repay for this stuff, I am really sorry" when I said this a frown crossed his face.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yes I know who you are Liam Payne."

"And 1. your not screaming or fangirling and 2. you don't think that I can rebuy my own food?" Who does he think he is, yeah he is a big pop star from one of the biggest boybands ever but really? I quickly stand up.

"Well 1. I have to be a fan to fangirl and 2. I was just being polite."

"Your not a fan?"

"I have heard some songs...their ok. It really just annoys me hearing girls screaming your names everywhere I go." he keeps frowning

"Here will this make you feel better....OMG!!!!! IT'S LI-" I was cut off by his hand on my mouth

"I get need to draw attention!"

"Well Mr.Payne I am going to turn around go home and act like I never met you." I turn around and start walking but am stopped by a hand on my wrist

"Don't I at least get a name" This made me mad It just reminded me of my Father grabbing me when I was young I snatch My arm away and continue walking



Liam's POV

Wow she was so beautiful the way her auburn hair dancing behind her as she walked away from me. She was nothing like any girl I have ever met. How can she be so stupid as to think she will get away from me that easily.


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