J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


27. chapter 27

J.C.'s POV
We had gotten dressed and Liam said we were walking to wherever we were going, which I have no idea where that Is.

"LiLi please tell me" I pouted

"No babe" I give him the puppy dog eyes

"I love you but that's still not going to work" I huff and he just laughs at me, he suddenly stops me and turns to me and takes my hands in his

"Do you know whats so special about this spot?" I look around and realize it

"Liam you honestly remembered?"

"I will never forget the day or spot where a beautiful girl ran into me and ruined my grocieries, that day I met a wonderful girl even though she played hard to get, I still got her" I pull him into a tight hug

"Come on, we have other places to be" I giggle and we walk a couple more minutes to find Liam's car parked, we get in and he starts to drive, he kept glancing at me with a huge smile on his face and I just laughed. We pulled up to a familiar place,


"Come on" when we walked in it was just like the first time, the lights and rides and skating rink brings everything back.

"You see that spot started it all, but here was the place where I realized that I liked you, maybe even a little to much" he says with a wink, he pulls me to rides and we had just as much fun as the first time, we head to the skating rink and we start skating, Liam hold me waist and holds me close

"Li, you taught me how to skate last time, I don't need you to hold onto me"

"I want to hold onto you" he says and kisses my neck. We skated and laughed for an hour or so and Liam grabbed my hand and lead me off the rink

"Come on we have to go to another place"

"There's more?" he nods and laugh and we go take our skates off and go to his car and we pull up to a familiar park. I put a huge grin on my face, Liam takes my hand and leads me to the waterfall

"Here is where I held your hand and for the first time you didn't pull away, here is where I decided I would ask you to be mine" He had a picnic set up and we eat

"Liam how did you think of doing this, its so special and you did it all for me, and just speechless"

"Oh my gosh Jane Bunton Silenced...crazy" I playfully hit him. he laughed and stood up and started striping

"Come on, In there is where we had our first kiss" he says while pointing to the water. I get up and strip and walk over to Liam, he picks me up and I wrap my legs around him and our faces are inches apart

"Just like the first time..." he pulled me in and kissed me, he bit my bottom lip and I opened my mouth for him, his tongue easily dominated over mine and his hands went farther down to my bum and I gasped and he laughs

"Maybe not exactly like the first time, plus I asked you the first time" I rested my head on him shoulder

"I love you Li"

"I love you too, Now we have to get out, I have another place planned"

"How can I ask for anymore, I already have you" I could feel him smile as he kissed the top of my head and he carries me out of the water, We dry off and Liam had a change of clothes for me. We pulled up to what seemed was an empty field.

"So today we have relived past dates and memories, but we have plenty more to make, I hope we have the rest of our lives to make each other happy, I love you and I want you to mine forever. I want you to be only mine, I cant imagine myself with anyone else but you, because you are perfect to me, The second I realized all of this, I knew I had to do something special, to prove to you of my feelings, I love you, I want to protect you, I never want to see you hurt, I never want to see you with anyone else but me." Liam pulls out a small ring, its not an engagement ring, it doesn't have a diamond its just a band on it engraved,

Jane and Liam- Promise forever

"Its a promise ring, It symbolizes our promise to each other, our promise to be together and never hurt eachother, a promise that shows our love, I know its cheesy but will you agree to the promise" He says with a hopeful smile, I pull him into a hug and whisper in his ear

"Liam this is the most amazing thing anyone have ever done for me, I love you so much, the things you said were so sweet and I want the same things, your crazy if you thought I wouldn't want to be yours forever, of course I promise to love you and only you" he pulls me away and puts the ring on my finger, he cups my face and wiped away my tears, im so over joyed

"Thank you so much Li"

"No thank you for showing me true love"

"Your so sappy"

"You love it miss teary eyes" We both laugh and he crashed his lips into mine, its full of passion and love. He pulls out a blanket and we watch the sun go down, its so beautiful. We talked and he showed me that he had a ring as well but his was on a necklace that was around his neck. I had the same engraving on it. That day was the most perfect day of my life, I wouldn't want to be with anyone other than Liam, he is mine and I know we will always keep our promise to love one another, I promise forever.

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