J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


22. Chapter 22


I feel so guilty, why the hell did I say those things! Where is Niall with her Its 10:00 he left like five hours ago. I hear the front door and run down there to see a sad Niall all alone

"Where is she Niall"

"yeah Niall" Louis adds. he looks at both of us in disgust

"Away from both of you damn fools!"

"Niall tell me what happened"

"The poor girl sat on a bench by herself in the freezing rain for hours feeling like she lost you forever Liam! and all you do I call her a street whore! she got hypothermia and I took her to the hospital" I run to my room and slam the door. how could I be so stupid. Im so angry that I cant control it. I pick up a lamp and slam it against a wall with all my might and glass flies everywhere. I continued smashing and slamming things. I fall to the ground and break down crying. Shards of broken glass sit in my arm and my blood is all over. what have I done.


We hear smashing and get scared we run upstairs to find Liam on the ground in tears with blood everywhere. I run over to him

"Liam what happened"

"I just got....angry"

"Well at least you didn't get angry at my face!" he laughs and I hug him

"Mate please know how sorry I am"

"I know Louis, your still my best mate" I stand up and help him up and lead him to the bathroom and help him clean up his arms. thankfully no glass went deep into his skin. we get back to his room and the other boys have cleaned up his room.

"Liam im sorry I went off on you"

"Niall, don't apologize, I deserved it, how could I have said that about the person I love" He starts crying again

"Mate we're all going to help you fix this, you two where meant for each other." he hugged me once more

"thank you Lou" time to pull out a master plan.

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