J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


21. chapter 21


I cant believe those idiots! Its raining and J.C. is out her alone. all they care about is themselves. Neither of them deserve her and they are crazy if they think im bringing her back to our house, Im taking her to her house where people care like her aunt! Im so mad! I grip the steering wheel as tight as I can. I have been looking for awhile now, where is she. I head to a park that's close to the house and I see her on a bench just sitting in the rain. I get out and approach her slowly and sit next to her, neither of us say anything for awhile, we both just look forward, I finally say something but I don't move

"You ok" I feel her look down at her lap and I slowly put my arm around her

"Niall...Its all over isn't it?"

"What are you talking about love?"

"I have lost Liam haven't I"

"You didn't do anything J.C., Louis knows he was wrong, and Liam is understanding that he overreacted on you" I just hear her softly crying

"Come on love im taking you to your house" she nods and I help her up, I somehow didn't realize that she was shaking extremely bad, I looked at her hands and they were almost black. Some people think Im the dumbest of the band but I know what hypothermia is. I grab her and got her in my car and turned the heat all the way up and speed to the hospital, by the time we got there she wasn't awake, I just hope she was asleep not....well worse. I picked her up and rushed her into the emergency room. They took her to the back and I started pacing, what do I do now?


Where am I? I sit up and think, it looks like a hospital, why am I here. Then It all floods back. I almost panic but then Niall comes in, where are the rest of them?

"Hey your awake!" he gives me a hug


"I know I know, your wondering where the  boys are....don't be mad...but.... I didn't call them."

"what?!? why not?"

"I thought you needed sometime away from all the drama that happened and honestly...I don't think Louis or Liam deserve you, your a great person doll and Liam and Louis don't seem to see that"

"I don't understand"

"well they got into it when your left...and Liam said some things.... that he will regret. and Louis likes you too and.....and its a big mess."

"what did Liam say"

"you have to talk to him about that love" Why wont he tell me, was it that bad, wow....that hurts.

"Niall can you leave....I want to be alone" he looked upset

"OK...." he turned and left. I feel tears boiling in my eyes, Why does every guy hurt me....Is it me?

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