J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


18. chapter 18

Liam's POV

When J.C. told me she loved me I was ecstatic! I have wanted to say it to her but I didn't want to scare her off. I am mad at myself for not giving her a chance to explain, I should have known that she wasn't like that and then letting her run out the house she could have gotten really hurt and it would have been my fault. Im mad at myself yes but I am more mad and this Toby guy, how could he hurt her like that, if he ever tries to touch her I will kill him.

We all have to get ready to go to Nandos and bowling. J.C. follows me upstairs to my room and lays on my bed.

"You know I have to get changed" I say, she smiles

"I know" and winks. I walk over to her and kiss her.

"You have a dirty mind you know" she bursts into laughter

"hey your the one who took my clothes off when I was unconscious."

"You would have frozen"

"I know, thank you Liam" she smiles and kisses me, this time the kiss was more passionate and heated but I pull away.

"we have to get ready" I get up and grab some jeans and a batman t-shirt. J.C. has seen me in my boxers might as well change in front of her. I take my shirt off and fling it at her. She laughs and throws it back. once Im done changing we head to her house for her to change. we head up to her room and this time I lay on her bed smiling waiting for her to change.

"So Im the one with the dirty mind much" she sticks her tongue out at me. She takes her shirt off and throws it at me to mock what I did to her earlier. Her body is so beautiful. I am lucky to be in love with her. We head back to the car and head to meet the guys at Nandos. Tonight should be awesome with my best mates and my best girl.


A/N sorry short chapter I have homework :P please please please guys give me some of your thoughts I wanna know what you think. Tell me what you want to happen.

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