J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


15. chapter 15

Liam's POV

SHE HAS A FUCKING BOYFRIEND! how could she! why would she! I curl up on my bed and cry I really liked her.

J.C.'s POV

Oh...My.....tears stream down my face. Why is he back! why is he ruining everything! I know what Liam is thinking, he thinks that I have a boyfriend. I don't !!!!!!! Toby Is my jackarse of an EX boyfriend. when we dated he beat me and called me names and it was like my Father all over again. Why is he back he left and never looked back and I was thankful for that. I need to find Liam, But Im mad at Him for not giving me a chance to explain he just left me father. I couldn't go home with CeCe having a party. Wait Louis said he was next door to Liam's room. I walked up the stairs and knock on the door next to Liam's

"Come in" I slowly open the door to see a half Naked Louis in bed. he saw my tears and quickly sat up and put a shirt on and patted the bed next to him telling me to come sit

"whats wrong love" For once I told someone the whole truth. I told Louis about my dad and Toby and the text and how I was mad that Liam didn't give me a chance to explain and by the end of it I was bawling my eyes out.

"Love Im really sorry about you dad and that Idiot Toby. and If he ever tried to touch you I would Beat his arse. Now Liam is thinking the worst but you have to think, who wouldn't. you just need to go talk to him and everything will be ok I promise you" I liked this side of Louis, the serious side, and really he gives good advice.

"Thank you Louis" he pulled me into a hug and wiped me tears away

"go on Love, go talk to him" I get him and leave his room and I take a deep breath before knocking on Liam's door. there was no answer so I walked in to see Liam crying, which hurt

"Can I explain"

"What is there to explain that you cheated"


"WHAT!" now I am hurt no one understands how it is to have been beaten by ever guy in their life except for their gay friend. I cant do it I know what Louis said but I cant. I turn around and run out crying. I run out of the house and into the rain. I don't know where I am. After running I start walking. I cant breath. I have asthma and I don't have my medicine things are getting blurry. Im cold.


Louis's POV

I felt bad for J.C. every man in her life hurt her. I told her how to fix things with Liam but when she left she didn't seem strong enough to do it herself. I suddenly hear screaming them someone running and the front door slamming. I get up and go to Liam's room to find him just sitting there.

"aren't you going to go after her"


"Liam she doesn't know anything about London, she could be lost" He perked up like he realized and cursed under his breath and got up and ran outside.

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