J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


11. Chapter 11


I wake up and look over at the clock 9am perfect gives me plenty time to get ready to go out with Liam. I don't think I have ever been so excited. Its weird how Liam makes me feel, I mean a good weird though. Anyway I grab a long shirt with my favorite bands logo on it, 5 seconds of summer, They are amazing, I also grab some leggings and I set my toms out. I get in the shower but It doesn't last long because Im so excited. I dry my hair and put I beanie on.

I look at my clock and its 10:30. I still have a half hour. I go down stairs and sit in the kitchen and CeCe comes in

"Where are you heading off looking so cute, With Liam I hope"


"what? I like him"

"Well that is who Im going with."

"Jane... Nothing...ah...happened when you stayed with him right"

"Oh! No! CeCe No! nothing happened!" She laughs

"Just making sure your mother would kill me" We both laugh knowing that it was so true

The door bell rang and I hopped up to get I opened the door to see an extremely attractive Liam Payne. Did he get Hotter? Is Hotter a word!?! Im staring and I know it but I cant help. He notices and laughs and smile a cheeky smile

"Ready?" I stop staring and blush

"Um...yeah..." I scream a bye to CeCe and we head out to his car and I notice that Liam has grabbed my hand again. I just smile and we get in his car and start driving.

"Where are you taking me now"

"Guess you will have to wait and see" I sarcastically sigh and he smiled we pull up to park and we get out. I look around and there is no one here. He takes my hand and intertwines our fingers I look down at our hands perfectly together.

"I hope you don't mind" He looked upset Like he thought that I wouldn't want to hold him hand but really I loved it. I smiled and I shook my head to tell him it was ok and I squeezed his hand tightly. He lead me down a path and I could hear rushing water. When we stepped off the trail I saw a beautiful waterfall and a picnic just out of the waters reach.

".....Its so-"

"Beautiful" but when Liam said Beautiful he was looking at me not the waterfall. I blushed. He lead me to the Picnic and we ate and talked and everything was perfect. Liam stands up and gives me a weird smirk. He took his shoes off and then his shirt and slowly walks to the water he takes his pants off revealing his Boxers and I couldn't help but stare. He laughs and jumps in the water.

"Come on. Are you chicken?" I smile and get up I strip down to my underwear and I looked at Liam to find his mouth open in aw.

"Its not polite to stare" He blushes and sticks his tongue out.

"Well come on get in"

"Um...Liam....You know how I couldn't skate...."

"Don't tell me....."

"I don't know how to swim either..." He mumbles under his breath but I clearly hear him

"Have you lived under a rock" I chuckle and He gets out of the water and walks over to me soaking wet and looks down at me.

"Do you trust me?"

".....Yes" I say hesitantly. He pick me up and takes me to the water as we go deeper I get scared and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Liam Im scared"

"I told have to trust me." he pulled his head away from me so he could look in my eyes and I couldn't help but look to him lips. I want to kiss him so badly. He notices where my eyes are and smiles he leans in a little and I can feel his breath on my lips

"May I..." He looks into to my eyes for permission

"Please" his smile is the last thing I see before I close my eyes and lean into his kiss. His lips are so soft and I felt butterflies. I feel his tongue at the entrance of my mouth and I open to let him in. I let him take all control and kiss me. It was the most passionate kiss I have ever felt. I don't know how long we kissed but we finally stopped and we were both breathing heavily. He looked at me and smile and I bushed

"So J.C.... does this count as a date because I would like it to be" I laughed

"Well after that I think we could call it a date" He smiled and gave me a small peck and he carried me back to the shore. we got dressed, we went to the car hand in hand and started home

I have to say...That was the best date ever.

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