J.C. heads off to visit her aunt and meets Liam Payne. Read and find out what happens!!!! Trust me its worth the read (:


1. Chapter 1

It's finally summer! No more school and the best part is where I'm going. I live in America and quite honestly I'm bored with America. I've always wanted to travel and explore the world so when my mom told me where she was sending me I was more than enthusiastic. I am going to stay with my aunt all summer in the England! My aunt CeCe is well a wild child so this should be fun.


 Wait I'm missing something... oh yeah who I am haha. well my name is J.C. I am 17 and I live in one of the smallest cities in America. Sounds exciting (sarcasm) I have always felt like there was more for me to do, idk if I just read to many books or what but, I just want something more than a small town. Now that I'm going to England with my aunt thing should get more interesting.

My Aunt lives in a flat on the out skirts of London, she called and told me all about how amazing it is. My mom doesn't really want me to go, she is super close to me. My dad was abusive and when I was young left but I wasn't young enough to forget the screaming and the hitting and drunken footsteps of my father coming closer. My mom and I have been on our own since and I think thats why we are so close.

Trust me I wouldn't be leaving if I was leaving my mom alone. She meet a wonderful guy and I think it will be great for them to have a few months to themselves. He is great and I know he wont hurt her, you can see he loves her by the way he looks at her. This is my last summer before college, which I don't even want to think about. I have no clue what I want to do.

I need to get packed, and stop thinking about everything, which I am no good at. My mom comes in to find me staring at my empty suitcase.

"I knew you would need my help" she says with a grin

"You do know me well" she walks over and starts pulling some of my cloths out of my closet and starts folding them and I get things like my chargers and electronic stuff.

We finish and we take everything to my car. I look over at my mom who looks like she will cry any second.

"Don't!" I pull her into a hug before she can start

"you will have so much fun without me and before you know it you will have your annoying daughter back" this made her smile

"you need to go, don't get into to much trouble in another country" I hugged her once more and got in my car and drove to the airport.

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