I never knew-A Niall Horan FanFiction *CLOSED*

Carlié was always in love with Niall but never told anyone. Niall was always in love with Carlié but kept it a secret from her. When life starts to go downhill will they pull together?
This is my first book, please give me advice on how I can make it better, I hope it's not to bad!


13. What!

>>>Niall's POV<<<

That was well weird, she stole my phone. After I told Carlié she asked what her name was. "Sophia, I think" I'm pretty sure that's her name. There was a pause and I asked if she was ok, Carlié said she had to go and logged off, weird. Maybe she'll visit later. Little did I know she couldn't. At about 11.30 Sophia came back into my room. "Hello" she said smiling wide. "You will be having a few tests today and the visiting hours happen to overlap." Oh great, no Carlié. I sighed and replied "fine, can I have my phone then. I need to tell my family." Her smile dropped and she said "I'll get the receptionist ti do it" What the hell! No! "I'm sure I can do it myself." She reluctantly pulled the phone out of her apron and handed it to me. I eyed her until she left the room. I quickly unlocked my phone and tapped Carlié's name. Hey baby, I'm sorry but my Nurse said I have to have some tests today that will take up visiting hours. Have a great day, Love you. Xxxx I quickly text Liam to tell the boys and text my Mum. As soon as I set my phone on the table Sophia came bustling in, her hand slipped out and grabbed my phone.

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