I never knew-A Niall Horan FanFiction *CLOSED*

Carlié was always in love with Niall but never told anyone. Niall was always in love with Carlié but kept it a secret from her. When life starts to go downhill will they pull together?
This is my first book, please give me advice on how I can make it better, I hope it's not to bad!


2. Shopping trip

>>>Carlié’s POV<<<

I woke up to the sun filtering through my window. Stupid Dad, he must have opened it! I looked out the window and saw it was a nice day. The sun smiling down on me. I suddenly felt much better. I grabbed my iPhone and text Amy. Wanna go to the mall?:-). I hopped up and went in the bathroom. I turned the shower on and hopped in. I soaked up all the nice heat and washed my hair. I brushed it out and left it to dry naturally. I pulled on my joggers and grabbed my phone before walking downstairs. I skipped into the kitchen. “Hey Dad” I hummed. “Hello Carlié” He seemed surprised. “What’s got you in such a happy mood” I shrugged my shoulders and smiled as I started to make myself a pop tart. I turned around as I waited for the toaster to pop. Dad was staring at me in awe. “What”? I demanded. He just shrugged and left the room. I poured myself some orange juice and pulled my pop tart out of the toaster. I quickly ate it and then picked up my phone. "yea sure, sounds gr8! Xx"  I smiled and swallowed the rest of my juice before loading the dishes into the dishwasher and setting it off. I skipped past Dad in the living room and ran up the stairs. I went into my room and applied some simple makeup. I opened my closet and pulled out some clothes 

I went out to the car (Fiat 500c) and drove towards the mall. This should be fun!

>>>Amy’s POV<<<

I was just chewing down my toast when my phone vibrated. I picked it up and was shocked to find that Carlié had text me "Wanna go to the mall? :-)" I choked down my mouthful but text back Yea sounds gr8! X  I walked upstairs and got out some clothes. I pulled them on and walked out to my car, KA. I headed off towards the Mall.

>>>Carlié’s POV<<<

As I drove into the parking lot I noticed Amy’s KA in a slot. I slipped in opposite her and climbed out. I grabbed my bag and headed to starbucks. When I got there I found Amy sitting on our old table with a Cappuccino and a Caramel Frappe. I walked over and smiled at her. She smiled back and motioned for me to sit down. “so, what’s up”? She asked. I guess i knew this question was coming. “Well, I guess I just feel good today” I shrugged. We sipped on our coffee’s until we were done. We hopped up and headed into the shops. After a few hours, and £’s, later our feet were aching and we headed back to the cars. I hopped in and was just about to back out when my phone started ringing. I pulled my strumming Iphone out of my pocket and glanced at the caller ID. When I saw it  I almost dropped my phone in shock. Nialler =) it read. I denied the call and sat there trembling for a moment before regaining my composure and driving home. I backed into the drive and walked to the door. I reached to turn the handle but it stuck. I noticed that there was a note stuck to the door. "Carlié, Work rang, I had to call in, I’ll be back for dinner. Xx Dad"  I rummaged around in my bag to find my keys. I unlocked the door and carried all my shopping bags upstairs. I changed  into my riding stuff and went out to saddle Spirit up. I mounted up and rode off into the sea-mans hook. When I got to the top I dismounted and left Spirit to graze. I went and sat on the old rock, looking out to sea. I was thinking about Niall, as usual. Suddenly I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I yanked it out and was shocked to find 34

Texts, 21 missed calls and 18 voicemails. I replied to Amy’s text and then turned to the others. They were from Niall. I felt bad that I was ignoring him so replied "Out riding, talk later." As soon as it was sent he shot back "Ok, have a nice time xx" I shoved my phone back in my pocket and remounted. I trotted slowly back towards the house.

When I got back I could smell dinner cooking in the kitchen. I went to the stables and put Spirit to bed. I walked through the door and pulled off my boots. I sat at the table as Dad served up the spaghetti bolognaise. I ate it all up, but couldn’t keep my thoughts away from Niall’s beautiful face. 

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