I never knew-A Niall Horan FanFiction *CLOSED*

Carlié was always in love with Niall but never told anyone. Niall was always in love with Carlié but kept it a secret from her. When life starts to go downhill will they pull together?
This is my first book, please give me advice on how I can make it better, I hope it's not to bad!


5. Reunion

Chapter Four

>>>Carlié’s POV<<<

I woke up to my Dad putting me into a car. When I slipped onto the backseat. It smelt very familiar. I was half-asleep but I heard a voice that was definitely very familiar. As I came round I realised I was in a black BMW. Just like Bobby’s. The interior was cream, Just like Bobby’s. Then as suspected a voice said “Hey Carlié” I was confused. “Bobby? What’s going on” I asked. “You’ll have to wait and see” he replied. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I can’t see Niall. I’m not ready! The hole in my chest threatened to take its turn but I pushed all thoughts of him out of my mind. Unfortunately my worst fears were confirmed. We pulled up outside Niall’s house and parked right there was Louis car. Bobby parked and opened my door for me. I stepped out and was handed a bag that Dad must have packed.

Bobby opened the door for me and as soon as I stepped in I was met by a over excited Louis. He threw himself at me and hugged me tight. “I missed you!!!” he screamed happily. I  giggles slightly but then gasped when I saw Maura standing at the end of the corridor. “Carlié? It’s not you!” She said clearly appalled. “Hello Maura” I replied. “Carlié! Your so thin!” She said. I looked down at my feet and wrapped my arms around my waist. “Come here” She said and dragged me into the bathroom. She stood me on the scales and asked “What was your weight 4 weeks ago? “7 stone” I replied. She let out a moan, “your only 3 now!” I gasped and looked down at the scales. Sure enough she was telling the truth. I started crying, what was I doing to myself? I didn’t even notice I was losing weight. Maura grasped me close and hugged my until I was fine again. She answered the question I was scared to ask. “Niall is the same, 4 stone just gone. Was 8 now 4” She sighed. “This can’t go on, your slowly killing each other.” It broke my heart to hear this and actually know it was true. “I can’t see him, He’s caused so much pain” I breathed “I just can’t do it.” “You’ll have too” Maura said firmly. She gave me another quick hug and handed me the bag. “Get some clothes on” she said. I dressed slowly terrified of what was coming next.

>>>Niall’s POV<<<

I woke up to Liam gently shaking me awake. “c’mon” he said. I nodded and walked to the bathroom, I pulled on some clothes and walked downstairs. I flopped on the sofa and stared at Jeremy Kyle. I heard the door open and Louis rushed out. “Carlié!!!!!” He shouted. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I burst in to silent tears. Harry came over and rubbed my back, He was used to it by now. I heard Mum talking to her then taking her into the bathroom. After a few minutes Mum came back in. She called Dad out of the room to have a word. Next she called Liam. Liam came out and said something to Zayn. “Come ‘ere Niall” he said. I was to exhausted to argue. I just followed him up to my bedroom. He sat me  on my bed and left the room. The next thing I  know i heard footsteps. But they weren’t the normal boys footsteps, They were light, floating, sweet, pattering footsteps.

>>>Carlié’s POV<<<

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Niall said “Come in” in a voice I’d never heard before. I opened the door and looked at Niall’s face. I burst into tears. Running down my cheeks. Niall came rushing over and lifted me with his strong arms. He held me to his chest and was crying himself. He slipped to the ground with me on his lap. He was crying so much. I gasped for breath and leaned my head up. I looked into his tear-filled eyes and a single tear rolled silently down my cheek. I stared in his beautiful blue eyes, “Im so sorry” he wept. “You are officially forgiven” we smiled at each other, all tears gone. I leaned my head on my chest as we started to talk. Catching up. Who knows how long we sat there? Must have been hours. It was getting dark when Maura came up with some spaghetti bolognaise. She handed it to us and Niall smiled “thanks Mum” he said. “I’m glad to see you’re happy together” She smiled and walked out of the room. I realised how hungry I actually was. I grabbed my bowl hungrily and heard Niall chuckle. “What?” I asked. “You eat as exactly normal” he chuckled. I giggled but ate up quickly.


>>>Maura’s POV<<<

I finished washing everyone’s dishes and warmed up Niall and Carlié’s Spaghetti Bolognaise and took it up. I walked in to see Carlié snuggled next to him and chatting away. I knew they would be fine. I gave them their food and rushed downstairs to tell Bobby. (The boys had gone back to their flats.) I told him and he seemed pleased to. I sat down to watch Corrie with a box of truffles.

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