I never knew-A Niall Horan FanFiction *CLOSED*

Carlié was always in love with Niall but never told anyone. Niall was always in love with Carlié but kept it a secret from her. When life starts to go downhill will they pull together?
This is my first book, please give me advice on how I can make it better, I hope it's not to bad!


6. Green-flags!

Chapter five

>>>Carlié’s POV<<<

I woke up with my head on Niall’s chest. I looked up at his beautiful blue eyes looking down at me. “Hello sleepy head” he said. I smiled. “how long have you been awake?” I asked. “Not very long” He replied. We got up and walked into the bathroom. I showered and wrapped myself in my towel. I tiptoed back into Niall’s room. He chuckled when he saw me and pulled me onto his lap. He hugged me tight and breathed on my neck making a chill run down my spine. As I got up I dropped my towel. I shrieked, went red and quickly wrapped it round myself. Niall was laughing loudly and I turned around and said “that’s funny is it?” I asked. He chuckled, I planned my revenge and when he stood up I tripped him over. But he took me by surprise by pulling me with him. I ended up sitting on Niall’s waist. He chuckled, but I leant down and licked his nose. Grinning wickedly before getting up and walking to my bag and back into the bathroom. I changed quickly, It was a nice day so I put on my dress.

>>>Niall’s POV<<<

Carlié was in the bathroom so I walked over to my wardrobe and grabbed some clothes. I walked into the bathroom across the hall and got dressed. I walked downstairs to find the Boys sitting at the table eating pancakes. “Awwww, what about me” I pouted, smirking. Mum pointed at the table and placed a stack of pancakes in front of me. I was taking my first bite when someone grabbed my fork and ate my pancake. When I turned to look Carlié grabbed my plate and sat opposite me. I sulked until she gave in and fed me a piece of pancake. Mum gave me another plate and walked out. “So, what we doing today?” Carlié asked. “GREEN FLAGS!” Shouted Louis. “Yesssss!” Carlié replied finishing her last bite. I quickly scooped up the rest of mine and grabbed her hand. We ran out to the car and hopped into the back seat. I know Carlié doesn’t like long car journeys so i pulled her close and she rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. We pulled off the drive and headed for greenflags.



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