I never knew-A Niall Horan FanFiction *CLOSED*

Carlié was always in love with Niall but never told anyone. Niall was always in love with Carlié but kept it a secret from her. When life starts to go downhill will they pull together?
This is my first book, please give me advice on how I can make it better, I hope it's not to bad!


10. A/N

Hey guys, I really need to apologise. I had school end of year exams, my friends had a massive fight and to top it all I had 2 weeks of holidays to pack for. I'm kicking myself so hard right now. I can't blame anything, I'm so sorry. I'm back now and am going to Update as much as I can. Chapter 11 should be done tonight! Thanks so much for reading, hope I didn't make you too angry! Xx -Darcy <3

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