we meet again

Back before Niall went on the x factor. he had a best friend back in mullingar. But he didn't really wanna be seen with Aura, so he hid his friendsship with her. when he went on the x factor he told her he would contact her in every way possible but he forgot to do what he promised. what will happen if they met during a concert?


1. why now?

Aura's P.O.V

"Aura come on we have to get to our seats" my best friend Andrea yelled at me.
Oh god why did she have to win those damn tickets? I know she's a HUGE fan of One Direction. But why???? 
we got to our seats  and the concert went on until some guys came from the boys security and told us that we had to get to the  VIP section so we could meet the boys yaay not the sarcasme. we walked through a huge balck door that  said "ONE DIRECTION" 
" are you nervous?" Andrea asked. 
" what do you think?!?! i'm going to meet the one friend who forgot everything about me. he probably wont recognize me any way" i said.
We knocked on the door. but no one answered so we decided to knock again. still no answer. Well third is the time of luck right? 
third time we knocked we heard a british accent yell that we should just have come inside the first time we knocked iinstead of waiting until they shouted. i didn't see the irish lad anywhere so i was lucky or so i thought.... 
"where's Niall?"One of the other girls shouted. 
Oh god why did she have to ask that????
"he's in the changing room but he'll be out in a minute or so.." Harry told the girl.
and he was right, because 2 minutes later Niall came in. Thank god he didn't notice me. 
"excuse me but why aren't you freaking out like all the other girls over there?" Louis asked.
"oh hi Lou i don't because you guys deserve to be treated like normal people every once in a while" i answered his question.
"Well since you know my name can i know yours? beautiful" he asked.
should i just lie to him or should i tell him the truth? i mean he's friends with my Ex bestfriend. okay i'll tell him the truth ...
"my Name is a secret haha because im a spy don't tell any one" i told him. 
okay i know i didn't tell him the truth but i got scared what if Niall heard it, i mean my name is a very rare name here. 
"haha very funny your sassy just like me but please tell me your name. cause i see the way you look at Niall and if you don't tell me your name im gonna walk over there and tell him that you like him." he threatened me. 
"Fine lou but DON'T tell Niall okay?" i told him 
"Okay" he answered. 
"My name is Aurora" i said. 
"hmm... i think i've heard Niall talk about a gil with that name" he said. 
"Okay i've gotta get something to drink" i said and almost ran to the food table. i accidentally ran into a person when i looked up at the person it was... Niall?
Oh god 
"Oh god i'm so sorry" he started. 
"no no  it's fine nialler" i said ruffling his hair. 
"um have i met you before i mean its only my friends who calls me Nialler" he said. 
"um i don't know have we?" i asked. 
" i think so i have seen those beautiful eyes before. what's your name?" he asked.
"ask louis he knows and when you find out then dont look for me" i said and with that i ran away from Niall.

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