we meet again

Back before Niall went on the x factor. he had a best friend back in mullingar. But he didn't really wanna be seen with Aura, so he hid his friendsship with her. when he went on the x factor he told her he would contact her in every way possible but he forgot to do what he promised. what will happen if they met during a concert?


4. What now?



Aura's POV

A couple of days later....

i woke up by my phone ringing.

" hello who's this?" i asked

" are you aura higgins?” the person in the other end asked.

“ this is she why?” I asked.

“well I just need to ask you some question” he said.

Oh god is this a reporter or something? They have been trying to get a hold of me since I was forced to go to Nandos with Niall. They even got a picture of us hugging and now they think we’re dating at least his management haven’t  called and told me to be his pretend girlfriend.

“ if it’s about my FRIEND Niall horan then I have nothing to speak about.” I answered.

“um this is actually from Sony the boy’s Management” he said.

“then what?” I said.

“um you need to get to our building your friends and simon is waiting for you he says he needs to talk to you and if you don’t have a way to get here we’ll send a limo  to pick you up.” He said.

“well then please send a limo because my bike just broke its chain and I don’t think that I should keep Simon waiting” I told the guy

“ okay the Limo will be there in 20 minutes “ he said.

GREAT…. Now I only got 20 minutes to look decent. Yeah I just had a day off so im just in my old lazy jumper and my nighty shorts. I rushed into the bathroom and took a 5 minutes shower hurried up and found a pair of grey skinny jeans and my black jumper. When I had my clothes on I just quick put some mascara and eyeliner on, and when I was done I heard  a car honk outside of my flat.  I ran out and got my blue van’s on and when I got into the limo I looked almost decent.

It was a middle aged man who drove the limo.

“Hello miss how are you today?” he asked.

“I’m fine thanks how about you sir?” I asked.

“well I’m a bit tired but fine thanks” he said.

The rest of the ride was almost silent.

“ here we are miss” he said.

“ thank you miles ?”  I said with a little smile

I walked into this HUGE building it was so gorgeous I couldn’t believe it. When I got to the reception I walked up to the lady.

“ who are you here to talk to?” she asked rudely.  I hat these kind of people who are into some business because of the money and are rude to the people who actually was called in.

“Simon Cowell.” I said plainly. She looked shocked like I couldnt have   been talking about the real simon cowell well his people called me in here.

“ are you sure that it was Simon Cowell who wanted to see you?” she asked.

“Yes I am fully sure.” I said.

“alright his office is right this way” she said and followed me there to ask if it was me he had been waiting for. Okay now I’m getting nervous, I mean for god sake it’s THE Simon Cowell you can’t meet him and not be a bit nervous.

“Um sir I’ve got a young lady asking for you here” she said.

“ what’s her name?” I heard Simon say.

“What’s your name?” she asked me.

“ Aurora Higgins” I said and she repeated.

“alright send her in.” Simon said.

I walked into his office and saw 5  boys and two of them I already knew. Well I knew the others names but that was about it.

“well hello Aurora it’s nice to finally meet you, since Niall and Louis won’t stop talking about you “   Liam said.

“it’s Aura  and it’s nice to meet you too Liam?” I said sounding a little insecure.

“Alright can we get into the meeting?” Simon asked us.

“yes why did you want to bring me?” I asked.

“Well as you know there are only two of these boys who are single and most girls hates on Niall well how would you like to pretend to be Niall’s girlfriend?” he asked me.

“um no thank you, we just got to the friend state again.” I said and ran out of the office. Of course I had feelings for Niall and they went way back to high school, but he forgot me once who says he won’t do it again? I asked my self

“AURA” I heard someone with a deep british accent shout at me. This had to be Harry.

“what do you want?” I shouted back  

“I just want to ask you something” he said when he finally reached me.

 “Okay ask me….” I said.

“why did you reject the offer Simon made for you? I mean every other girl would be so freakin happy if they got to fake date one of us lads from One Direction” he asked


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