we meet again

Back before Niall went on the x factor. he had a best friend back in mullingar. But he didn't really wanna be seen with Aura, so he hid his friendsship with her. when he went on the x factor he told her he would contact her in every way possible but he forgot to do what he promised. what will happen if they met during a concert?


3. okay i'll try to be your friend again

Aura's Pov

Oh god why did Louis give Niall my number? i mean i did tell him to keep it a secret. didn't i? i got out of my thoughts when my phone started ringing again ugh... 

"hello?" i said in a asking way

"hi Babe, it's louis" i cut him off... 

"why in hell did you give my number to Niall?!?!?!" i basically yelled in the phone.

" you should have seen his face when he asked me for your name and i told him that i couldn't. but then i told him i had your number and he was willing to fight for it so we did and unfortunately, got defeated and i apologizes so many times for that. has he called you yet?" he asked.

"yes infact he did and well he knows who i am now." i said

"well just for a question who are you exactly?" he asked 

"i'm Aurora or Aura higgins i'm a 17 year old girl from mullingar" i told him 

"oh you're that girl Niall wont stop blabbering about haha" he said. 

"WHAT he forgot everything about me so why would he be talking about me all the time?" i asked. 

" he didn't forget everything about you sweetie, he just had alot on his mind" he tried to convince me.  but before he could say any more he was interupted by  the doorbell 

"well sorry lou but i have to go there's someone at my door" i said.

"oh okay see ya carrot ..." he said and hung up . i went to the door and opened well it wasnt someone i would love to see at the moment. i've missed him but he didn't call or anything so why would he change now?

"what do you want Niall" i said 

" well hello to you too, and i would love to be your friend again because i really missed you" he said with sad eyes. 

"Well you screwed that up back in 2010, but why do you want to be friend now? i mean back before you became famous you didn't even wanted to be seen with me so what are you going to do. you've got paps running after you and alot of fans who wants to be in  my position." i said. 

" Do you even know how much i've missed you? or how much i've told the boys about the things we used to do together?" Niall asked .

"well since you didn't had the guts to call me or contact me in any way then no i don't but just one question, Why didn't you call me or contact me like you promsed me?" i asked.

"because i didn't have the time all of our fans wouldn't care less if i left one direction which made me work even harder so i could stay in the band and i'm really sorry if i could turn back time i would but i can't" he rambled. he looked like he ment it should i just forgive him this easy. i mean i've missed him so bloddy damn much but what if he does it again just forgets me i can't risk that. 

" we can be friends but just don't forget about me again okay?" i said

okay here's the third chapter to my story i really hope you'll like it because i really poured out my emotions in this chapter 

Love Cece nyrup <3

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