we meet again

Back before Niall went on the x factor. he had a best friend back in mullingar. But he didn't really wanna be seen with Aura, so he hid his friendsship with her. when he went on the x factor he told her he would contact her in every way possible but he forgot to do what he promised. what will happen if they met during a concert?


8. don't give up on your dream because of me

Aura's Pov

We just arrived at the hotel where we’re going to be spending our night I still don’t know what, me and Niall are. But only he can tell me. We both agreed that it would be dumb to leave for Paris tonight since we’re both pretty tired, and Niall was hungry haha. I know it’s pretty obvious that he would be hungry since he’s almost hungry well I didn’t say which hungry haha.

“Aura don’t you think you should get some sleep before our flight tomorrow morning?” Niall asked.

I was actually pretty knackered so I’m gonna hit the bed now but why isn’t there two beds?

“Niall why is there only one bed?” I asked him, he looked like he was surprised by my question. But it’s not like we’re dating or something.

“B…be…because this was the only room left here. So we had to rent it.” He said.

Alright so we have to sleep in the same bed for one night it’s gonna be alright besides we could always make one of us sleep on the couch. Haha most likely him. Okay I know I’m evil sometimes but he loves me anyway.

“okay so we’re sleeping together or one of us have to sleep on the couch? What do you want to do?” I asked.

He looked at me like I’m crazy, but then he finally spoke up.

“well I’m definitely not letting you sleep on the couch you can sleep on the bed with me.” He said. Well I guess it’s settled then. hmm I kinda can’t wait weird right? I mean we have just been best friends since highschool.

“Aura get to bed please it’s cold here without you.” Niall whined.

We haven’t even slept in the same bed before so how would he know that I’m not cold in a bed? Of course we had sleepovers but we didn’t exactly sleep in the same room, my father would never allow a boy into my room at night. Yes I had a very overprotective father but he unfortunately died last summer, with my mum. They died in a car accident. But I didn’t really have a special bond to any of them since I never really were home and when I was they would just nag me about how fat I was until I lost the 25 pounds. I told Niall about.

“I’m coming , but can we play something?” I asked.

He looked at me, and spoke up.

“Of course but what?” he asked.

Hmmm how about spin the bottle…. Well we can’t play it but since we’re not many people or have a bottle. Oh now I got it yaay its gonna be great.

“TRUTH OR DAAAARE”  I shouted. Okay I know, I’m weird but you love it.

  You didn’t know that I would choose that haha.

“ fine as long as you get into the bed immediately” Niall.

I rushed to the bed since I got a question, I really need to ask him.

“Alright truth or dare Niall” I said

“dare” he answered.

“Kiss me” I dared him.

Alright I know it isn’t that tough a dare but I really need him right now. Even though it’s just a  kiss.

He came closer and I just leaned in.

“ I love you Aura” he said right before our lips met.

When we broke apart from the kiss I just looked at him and smiled.

“I love you too Niall.” I replied to his last comment.

He looked like he was about to say something but he didn’t he just laid there.

“Alright I know I wanted to do this by the Eiffel tower, but I can’t wait any longer. Aura Higgins would you please do me the honor of being my Girlfriend?” he asked.

Wait he wanted to ask me by the Eiffel tower? Aww that’s  just my Nialler but I don’t really know because of course I love him but it’s gonna be hard to date a super national star. I mean I already get hate, because I’m his friend. How would the hate get if I was his girlfriend?

I really want to but I’m just scared.

“Aura  are you alright? I know the hate is gonna be a bit bigger but listen to me. What matters the most is that we love each other right?


“ yeah I know but…. I don’t know Niall. What if the management tells you to break up with me?” I asked.

“ I would leave the band if they told me that” he answered.

I just can’t let him do that. I’m not that important and I never have been. So why now? I mean for god sake I’m just a girl from his hometown. Sometimes it actually gets to me. What if he found another girl who could love him better than me? Would he just dump me?

“I will be your girlfriend Niall but please promise me if the management tells you to break up with me then DON’T leave the band. It’s your dream, I don’t want you to lose that because of me.” I said.

He looked at me with a confused look.

I know it’s weird that I don’t want him to be with him if it means he has to leave his dream

“But it’s my dream to be with you” he said.

Awww…. He really loves me.

“But don’t give up on your other dream because of me or I can’t be your girlfriend” I told him. 

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