Fallen ~A Niall Horan Love Story~ [ON HOLD]

I stood over by the side of the building; leaning against the white, rusty, metal fence that was supporting me. I looked down. Whoa, I didn't realize how far up I was; even though I was only on the 6th floor. I had never been a big fan of heights. Then, I heard a loud "creak." And that was when I fell.


3. Chapter Two

Katie's P.O.V.

"Ew" I said as I spat out a bit of sand that had blew onto my lips from the kids running by. I rubbed my eyes; I must have fallen asleep. I grabbed my bag and looked through it. After about a minute, I pulled out the possession I had desired; my cell phone. I quickly clicked a button, making the screen flicker on. The time read 5:08PM. I shrugged, might as well head back up to the room. At least I had gotten a somewhat of a even tan, thanks to me rolling over in my sleep.

I started gathering my things together when I heard laughing. I turned around to see that the noise had come from a group of girls a couple yards away from me. My face reddened as I shoved my remaining items into my bag. I know I shouldn't care about why those girls are laughing, but I can't help but wonder, are they laughing at me?

I tried to shake off the feeling as I slipped on my clothes over my bikini, but it just wouldn't go away. I gave a small sigh and picked up my bag. I was walking over towards the gate when I heard a voice call out

"Hey you, the girl in the green shirt , come over here."

I gulped and quickly looked down. I was wearing a green shirt. I mentally crossed my fingers and turned around, walking over towards the group of girls.

"Hi, did you need something?"

I said trying to keep my voice sounding calm and confident with a fake smile plastered on my face.

"Yeah" one of the girls said.

"We were wondering where you got that shirt?"

I looked down again, but this time, with a more surprised expression.

"This one" I asked, gesturing to the emerald colored shirt I had on.

"No, duh" one of the other girls said rolling her eyes.

"Haha, sorry" I said, forcing a fake laugh with and a semi-apologetic smile.

"Well, I'm not really sure. It's just a plain green t-shirt, you can probably find one like this almost anywhere."

"Well I've seen that shirt before" the first girl said.

"It was in the dumpster, where it belonged. Maybe you should go put it back, along with all the other ugly things your wearing. In fact... why don't you just crawl into the dumpster too, and then never come out of it."

All of the girls laughed. My eyes started to water.

"No, I can't cry in front of them, that's exactly what they want" I thought to myself.

"Awww, is the little baby going to cry" the girl said.

"Leave me alone" I said, and then ran towards the building. This time, without stopping, or looking behind me.

I fought back tears as I waited for the elevator doors to open. Finally they slid open and I jumped in it. I quickly pressed the door close button, and then floor number six. Tears clogged my vision as I was looking at the numbers as the floors passed by.

Finally I got to my floor. I ran to the door and forcefully jammed the key into its slot, causing the door to open.

I slammed the door behind me and ran to my bed jumping onto it, dropping my bag onto the floor next to me. I let the tears run free as I lied down on my bed. I just didn't understand. Why me? What had I ever done to them? What did I do to deserve this? Why do people like to see my crying, in pain? Why?

Many questions similar to those ran through my mind as I sobbed into my pillow. After about 10 minutes of crying, I sat up and wiped my eyes.
"Crap." I said as I stood up. I had left my phone down on the beach.

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