Fallen ~A Niall Horan Love Story~ [ON HOLD]

I stood over by the side of the building; leaning against the white, rusty, metal fence that was supporting me. I looked down. Whoa, I didn't realize how far up I was; even though I was only on the 6th floor. I had never been a big fan of heights. Then, I heard a loud "creak." And that was when I fell.


2. Chapter One

Katie's P.O.V.

I quickly turned the gold key, locking the door of the "room". Shoving the key in a random pocket of the bag slung over my shoulder, I walked over towards the elevator. I pressed the white button with the down symbol on it, making it turn an orange-ish color and nervously looked around, waiting for the elevator to get to my floor. A soft "ding" sounded, signaling that the elevator had arrived. I quickly stepped inside and clicked the button indicating that the elevator should take me down to the first floor.

Gentle music quietly played in the background while I waited to arrive to the first floor. After what seemed like an eternity, the doors slid open, and I quickly hopped out. I re-adjusted the strap of my bag as I walked down the long corridor. Finally, sunlight hit my face as I emerged from the hallway.

I walked over to the white gate and pushed it open, taking my next footsteps in the soft sand underneath my feet. I scanned over the beach, looking for a place to "sit". Then I saw it. The perfect place. It was a little area where the sun was shining, but also, the wind was blowing which made it the perfect temperature. I could set my bag down not too close to the ocean, but nether would it be so far away that I would have to squint to see.

I made my way over to that area and set my bag down. Then I took out my towel from the bag and unrolled it. I placed it in the sand, angling it so the sunlight would hit it just right, giving me the perfect tan. Then I quickly kicked off my flip-flops, and slid off my shorts and t-shirt, revealing my navy blue, floral bikini. I threw my clothes in the bag and then grabbed out some sunblock. I took off the clear lid and sprayed it all over my body, letting the mixture set into my skin. Then I remembered something, my back.

I obviously couldn't reach it, and I couldn't not put sunscreen on it, especially since I would be tanning. I bit my lip and looked around for a solution. I sighed. I could only think of one thing to do. I wouldn't like it, but it had to be done. I took a deep breath and started walking over towards the lifeguard "stand". I was kind of shy when it came to talking to people I didn't know. Especially some stranger who I would be asking to put sunscreen all over my back.

I took a breath, and crossed my fingers that there would be a girl, and not some hormonal teenage boy. But when I rounded the corner, all my hope was crushed. There stood a teenage boy, who looked to be around 17. He was cute, but he also had about 5 girls staring at him flirtatiously. I sighed and walked up to him.

"Would you please put some sunscreen on my back?" I asked in a shy voice.

I hoped for the response of "no, go ask someone else", but of course, he grinned and said


I handed him the sunscreen and turned around, but not before he could give me a wink. I rolled my eyes, while pushing all my hair to the front of me so he could apply the sunscreen. Not soon after, I felt the spray of the sunscreen on my back. I silently thanked myself that I had brought the spray on kind of sunscreen, and not the kind that you had to rub in. Finally the spraying on my back stopped. I started to turn around but he stopped me by saying

"Wait! Don't you have to rub in the sunscreen?"

"No, it's the kind where it just dries naturally." I replied in a normal voice this time.


he started, but I quickly interrupted him by turning back around and saying.

"Thank you anyways, now may I please have my sunscreen back?"

I flashed him a smile, hoping that he could just give me the bottle back and I could leave.

"Yeah. Hold on a second though."

He then set the bottle down where I couldn't reach it and turned around. About a minute later he turned around and handed my the bottle back, with a slip of paper attached to it.

"My phone number" he said "unless you needed help with anything else".
He winked, and I nodded an "okay" as I turned around and walked back over to my spot on the beach. I threw the sunscreen back in the bag, along with the phone number and sat back down on my towel. I then pulled out an hairband from my bag and tied my hair up into a messy bun. Then I grabbed my sunglasses and put those on as well. I finally laid down onto my back, the sun radiating off of me. I was finally ready to get a tan.

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