Bad Kids Go to Hell

(For the afterlife competition) Nikki used to be that kid that moms prayed their own kid never ended up like. But when another one of her stunts leaves her dead, she's left in Limbo, a place for spirits like her to wait for heaven or hell to open up to them. Which means ether God must see her good, or Satan must see her bad. But what if she really is just an "in-between"?


1. Chapter One

                When I died, few would actually know what truly happened. And those who did know were in too much shock to realize that it did. After all, it was just a stupid stunt I wanted to add to my list of completed dares. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be alive long enough to boast about it.

            And dying was totally on me. I was the stupid one. Death was completely avoidable. But apparently, I can’t have a smart moment in which I act on more than just a thought.

            Kids like me go to hell.

            Well, it’s not actually hell. It’s more like that limbo place between heaven and hell but with a way darker “you’re a fuck up” type feeling. This is where I’ll spend my life for who knows how long. Until god sees me as an angel who’s forgotten my sins, or Satan sees me as a demon who will never forgive myself. Both give you the warm, fuzzy feeling, right?

            But, here’s the thing, I don’t really think I’ll belong in ether. I’ll never be an angel, and I’ll never be a demon. I’ve seen the others that are like this, the ones that have spent years here. They wonder around, hair wild and teeth un-brushed, screaming at things no one can see. Their demons wont drown, but aren’t exactly there. No pun intended. Point is, I don’t want to go crazy waiting to see if I’m going to go into the light or the fire or just escape the darkness.

            Limbo is always dark. It’s not dark enough to the point where you can’t see, but it’s that darkness that you have with walking through a forest with only a dull flashlight to guide you. That’s the darkness in the Limbo.

            My hands run over the fabric of my dress and I sigh, not really loud but not quiet.

            “You’re Nikki right?” A male voice says from behind. I jump before turning around.

            “What the fuck?” I say before looking at the boy, who has bright blue eyes with curly blonde hair, in the eye, “Yeah. I’m Nikki. Didn’t your mom teach you it’s polite not to stalk?”

            The boy laughs, “My mom died when I was two, stupid.”

            “Well excuse me for not knowing your family history. I should remember. After all we just met like five seconds ago,” I mutter and roll my eyes.

            “Ha,” He fake laughs, “Name’s Derek.”

            “Hi Derek,” I say in a mocking tone.

            Derek flips his curls to the side, “So. How’d you die?”

            I humph and go to turn around.

            “I died in an overdose,” Derek smiles at some memory, “Heroin.”

            “Good for you.”

            “What ‘bout you?” Derek asks in a bored tone. I pause slightly before responding.

            “I uh- um,” I take in a breath, “I jumped off a bridge.”

            “Suicidal?” Derek furrows his brows.

            “No. It was a dare.”

            “You jumped off a bridge,” Derek sucks in a deep breath of air before moving on, trying to stop his laughter, “on a dare? How fucking stupid are you?”

            “Fuck off. At least I’m not a druggie.”

            “Least I’m not stupid.”

            “At least I’m not an asshole!”

            “God’s never going to let you in with that attitude,” Derek says, “And Satan tries to stay away from the stupid ones. You’ll be here forever.”

            I turn around and run away from Derek, further into Limbo. I don’t know where I’m running, it’s too dark to see, and honestly I don’t give a care.

            So, jumping off a bridge was a stupid move. But that was my life. My life was stupid moves. It was based on my inability to fit in normally, alongside with everyone else.

            I shove my palms into my eyes in an attempt to stop the tears. They come anyway, and when I do pull my palms away they’re wet. I never wanted to die. But now, I’ll never get another chance.

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