A poem about a very personal topic to myself. May be triggering I don't know. Rated yellow just in case.


1. #

At 5
she knew nothing,
a simple mind,
oblivious of such chemicals
that intoxicated the bodies
of those she loved the most.

At 10
she joked of the matter,
singing silly songs,
about her slurring parents,
as her mother poured
another glass down her throat.

At 13
she sat alone in her room,
crying unaccompanied
because nobody understood.
She rocked back and forth,
wishing her life was over.

At 15
she tried talking to her mother,
she tried talking to her father,
but neither listened to such nonsense.
Her heart broke,
she had to grow up alone.

At 17
with a noose around her neck
and her ankles above the ground,
her parents wept.
She had never once drunk a drop,
but the poison slowly killed her too.

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