The Guiding Force

Not in any way meant to offend, although I am aware that some parts may be considered...controversial.
This is my view on how the world works, including after death.
Three main sections. My entry to the Afterlife competition.
P.S. "Code of the Spirian" at the end, does not count as part of the entry, and nor does the Foreword. Only chapters 2, 3 and 4 count as entries.


3. The Spirit Plane

In this new place in

Front of me I am

In awe at its purity


Of the bright green grass,

And on a hill is

A great oak tree that


Dominates the skyline here like

A great natural skyscraper. I

Look down and I see


That I am standing now

On a small wooden bridge

Over a dazzling blue stream.


And I am at peace,

Relaxed in this place and

I only want to stay.




But my guide will not

Let me stop, and insists

We cross this wooden bridge.


Upon crossing over onto the

Green grass I find myself

Surrounded by the sound of


Laughter and singing, and also

The cacophony of animals, and

Also a great many people


Start to appear, and it

Is like families on a

Picnic at the height of


A hot summer, and they

All look happy, content and

Relaxed, sitting on the grass.




I look to my guide

Who is male again but

Now with a different face,


And ask: ‘Who are these

People who are so content,

Full of colour and of


Cultures and times to varied

That it looks as if

Time and space do not


Matter, and people from all

Countries of all of history

Sit in one place, at


Peace no less. Do tell.’

My guide looks at me

And smiles. A low chuckle




Sounds from his pale throat

And he gestures at the

Crowd before us and says:


‘These are spirits that have

Passed, like the ones you

Saw before, but now they


Are here in the Spirit

Plane, where they will be

Forever. It is a peaceful


Place, free of all forms

Of misery, and so all

Is calm, and wholly good.’


And so I look amongst

The throng and see people

I’ve read of in books.




And as I look around

I see the size of

This place, and I see


That it is home to

Countless thousands of these spirits,

More good than bad, and


I wonder how far this

Place goes on, and so,

Once again I turn to


My guide, and ask him

How far this plane doth

Expand, and his reply is


So firm, but soft all

The same, I will ne’er

Forget the reply he gave:




‘Danté, my boy, I’ll tell

You this true, that once,

Long ago, this place were


Not so large. Nay, at

The start, so small it

Was that only that Oak


Tree and that hill did

Exist. But as plants and

The animals were born and


Died, this region you see

Grew ever greater and soon

It existed for miles, and


Now even more, for over

Millions of years there have

Been many billions of deaths




But mostly you see the

More recent of them, as

The ones of the past


Have been here so long,

They no longer need to

See the sight of that,


The great, green, Oak Tree.’

And then he pulls me

Through the expansive crowd


And to the foot of

The hill where I see,

Once again, the forms my


Guide named the Guardians, and

My guide sits me on

A rock amongst the forms.




And the forms around me

Look and smile at me,

And I am then comforted.


Unlike my guide, their forms

Seem not to change, and

I notice there are few


Of them, and when I

Say this to my guide

He says: ‘These are those


Made of a Pure Spirit;

Ones so good they are

Deserving of a higher place,


And so they are Guardians,

Less powerful than I but

Powerful nonetheless. It is most




Sad that there be few,

But it is nigh impossible

For a spirit to be


Wholly good. But understand,

While not so powerful they

Have lovely singing voices,


Of which I wish you

To hear.’ And then they

Started to sing, and though


There seemed to be no

Words, such a song was

Beauty to me, and I


Wept at the delicate sound

Of their voices, and my

Guide then is forced to




Silence their singing before I

Weep further. But we stayed

There a while, in silence.


But then my guide chose

To move on and once

Again he took my hand,


And we climbed up the

Hill, and came across more

Of the Guardians, these ones


Were brighter, and also were

More numerous than those who

Had made me weep. My


Guide then tells me that

The ones I see here

Are Guardians formed by a




Very pure soul, which could

No longer be held in

A body, for all bodies


Would reject the purity within,

That has been collected from

The lives of many people.


My guide then explains to

Me that the role of

The Guardians is to protect,


And guide people when the

Highest of the powers cannot

Reach them. And I am


Fascinated, and wish to know

More about this greater power.

But I am told I




Must wait, for there is

More for me to know

Before I can be told


All about this greater power

That is said to guide

All in our fine world.


And so we remain

A little longer with the

Soul Guardians, who tell me


About their role in life.

How there are not enough

To protect everyone and how


Hard it can be to

Fight away Demons, who I

Am told by my guide




I will be meeting soon.

Now I am told we

Must climb higher still so


That I can meet what

My guide calls the High

Spirits, whose duties are many.


And so we climb up

The hill, ever closer to

That Oak Tree, which still


Does dominate the skyline above.

Further away the passed spirits

Now look, and I see


New arrivals, crossing over the

Wooden bridge I had arrived

On, clam but slightly confused.




And I hear one shout,

‘This is not the paradise

I was promised!’ But I


Hear no more as I

Am pulled ever higher and

Then we find, in a


Ring just below the big

Oak Tree, a group of

Spirits, sexless in form.


I am told they are

In charge of things such

As the rivers and the


Wind, and that without them

The whole world would cease

To function. But do not




Fear, for no spirit nor

Soul can ever be destroyed,

And will be forever lasting.


My guide looks to me

Again, a serious look on

His features, and he says:


‘Now I will take you

To see the one who

Sent me. The one who


Is the Guiding Force.’ And

Then he took me to

The foot of the Oak


Tree, where there sat a

Sexless form, greater than the

Rest, who told me then:




‘All are equal. Respect them

All and spread my word.

All of nature contains spirit


And soul. Every tree, rock

And animal. Love them all.

You are my herald, Danté.


Spread what will be Spirian.

A new Animism. The truth.

Equality above greed and hate.’


‘More you will not hear,’

My guide tells me, and

We begin our descent down


The hill, across the bridge,

And then I black out,

But I continue to move.

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