The Guiding Force

Not in any way meant to offend, although I am aware that some parts may be considered...controversial.
This is my view on how the world works, including after death.
Three main sections. My entry to the Afterlife competition.
P.S. "Code of the Spirian" at the end, does not count as part of the entry, and nor does the Foreword. Only chapters 2, 3 and 4 count as entries.


5. The Spirian Code

The Spirian Code

A Series of Guidelines


Give respect to others, even if they disrespect you.

Understand that everyone is born equal - however, their deeds in life can quite easily change this.

All elements of nature contain or are influenced by SOULS and SPIRITS. Respect them.

Always praise the GREAT SPIRIT, but do not scorn the GREAT DEMON - the world needs them both.

Understand you will always see through the eyes of your SOUL - you will not see the SPIRIT or DEMON PLANE, and you will forget your last life.

Do not act with selfish intentions, for you will get no true rewards - however, nor are there true punishments.

Always respect the dead. Their spirit may not have passed on.

It is wise to greet others with "GREAT SPIRIT GUIDE YOU", whilst it is also strongly recommended to use "GREAT SPIRIT GUIDE YOU" as a goodbye.

Always try to forgive a person, even if they have caused substantial harm - it is always good to try.

People who have broken their equality, and are closer to the LOWER LEVEL, are better ignored than stood up to.

It accepted as IMPOSSIBLE to be equally "GOOD" and "BAD".

Those closer to the UPPER LEVEL deserve respect.

Try to be a good person, as your deeds in this life will will affect your fortunes in the next - GOOD FOR GOOD, BAD FOR BAD (KARMA).

Respect other religions, knowing they are different interpretations of the GREAT SPIRIT, GREAT DEMON, SPIRITS, SOULS, and the different PLANES.

Live as you wish. SPIRIAN forces no restrictions upon you - respect all others, that is all.

There is a balance of "GOOD" and "EVIL" that cannot be broken.

SPIRITS and SOULS cannot be destroyed. They are all needed in the world.

Do not "curse" events in life. They are simply the work of the GREAT and HIGH SPIRIT(S) and DEMON(S).

The GREAT SPIRIT/GREAT DEMON and the GUARDIANS/DEMONS cannot always reach us. Not all events are directly caused by the SPIRITS and DEMONS - we must often live without them.


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