The Guiding Force

Not in any way meant to offend, although I am aware that some parts may be considered...controversial.
This is my view on how the world works, including after death.
Three main sections. My entry to the Afterlife competition.
P.S. "Code of the Spirian" at the end, does not count as part of the entry, and nor does the Foreword. Only chapters 2, 3 and 4 count as entries.


4. The Demon Plane

I wake in a new,

Darker place with my guide

At my side, and shadow


Is everywhere. It is both

Hot and cold in this

Place, and I can see


We are at the edge

Of a deep pit, and

All around us there are


People in pain. Guilty, angry,

Miserable are they all, and

Quite quickly I can tell


Where I have ended up.

It is the Demon Plane,

Which was briefly mentioned, and




The place I did not

Want to do. But there

We are, and my guide


Tells me: ‘Remain clam and

All will be fine. Just

Do not give reason for


Anyone here to attack you.’

And like the sea over

A sandcastle, my fear is


Washed away, and I stand

Up amongst the crowd and

I see this was the


Origin of the idea of

Hell. Torment and misery rule

This place, as spirits must




Live with their crimes and

Misgivings. Those closest to the

Pit edge try to clamber


Away, as claws tear at

Them, ripping their spiritual forms,

And then remaking the wounds


When they are closed. I

See those away from the

Pit weeping, and cutting at


Their own forms. I am

Horrified, but my guide distracts

Me. ‘This place is the


Inverse of the Spirit Plane.

Instead of a hill, there

Is a pit. Instead of




Joy there is only misery.’

And I begin to understand

What awaits at the bottom


Of this pit. But first

I must understand how it

All works. How it is.


Much like the Spirit Plane,

This place was once just

A pit, but as forms


Died, they ended up here,

And the plane grew until

It reached its current size,


Although it still doth grow.

And then my guide walks

Me through this crowd of




Tortured spirits who are sad

To see. My guide wants

To take me down to


The pit, but I insist

That I look a bit

Longer at the area around


Me. And I look and

I see it is rock,

And ice, and fire, and


There is a foul wind.

This is truly a place

Like Hell, and I am


Horrified that this place of

Misery can exist. And now

I agree to head into




The pit. My guide takes

Me by the hand again,

And takes me to the


Edge of the pit. I

See it goes far down,

And at its bottom there


Is a dead Oak Tree.

An inverse, indeed, I realise.

And then I fell a


Claw at my foot, which

Is hit away by my

Guide. ‘Careful, Danté,’ he says.


‘These are Spirit Demons, made

From a spirit that is

So very bad that upon




Its death, its form was

Corrupted into the beast before

You here, that claws and


Snarls, as it tries to

Wound you. You are lucky.

I promise to protect you.’


I see there are not

Very many – about the same

Number as there were of


Spirit Guardians – and as I

Watch I can see their

Pain at being such beasts.


But as I watch I

Begin to fear what awaits

Further down, for if this




Plane is alike to the

Spirit Plane, more powerful beings

Wait below. My guide points


At one of the beasts

And with a sad expression

Says: ‘You will have read


Of that man. Of his

Crimes between 1930 and 1945.

This is Adolf Hitler, punished


For his crimes by becoming

One who punishes and hinders

Others, but trapped in a


Beastly form. Now, let us

Move on, for I see

I am troubling your mind.’




And as we head down,

My guide protecting me from

The Demons’ claws and grabs.


And then, upon passing them,

We come across more Demons,

And these ones look different.


They are more humanoid, and

Stare at us with cold,

Dark features. And three step


Forth, and though my guide

Tries to stop them, one

That is black of skin


And red of eye, dressed

In a sharp black suit,

Reaches me, and puts a




Hand upon my chest, and

Fills my form with pain.

I feel a part of


Me pulled away, and then

The other two do the

Same. I fall to the


Ground as my guide fights

Them away. He tells me

They have stolen parts of


My soul and replaced them

With their own, and in

Response my vision is changed.


Although at this point nothing

Truly changes, I know my

Vision is no longer the




Same. The Demon in a

Suit smiles and bows. ‘I

Am Blackhorn,’ he says, and


Walks away, the other two

Following as he leaves us.

My guide apologies for not


Protecting me, and I forgive.

I look to the assembled

Crowd of Soul Demons, and


Know they are formed by

A soul containing so much

Evil that no body can


Contain them. And so they

Endeavour to ruin people’s lives,

Whilst hoping to return again.




‘You see, Danté, whilst one

Soul Guardian versus one Soul

Demon is an equal fight,


One Soul Guardian versus more

Than one Soul Demon is

A lost cause. And whilst


We cannot be destroyed, a

Fight can quite easily be

Lost.’ And he points to


The Demons, and asks them

Not to strike again, and

They agree, albeit quite slowly.


And so we linger there

To regain our strength, and

My guide’s form takes on




That of a woman again,

Though a different one now.

‘Shall we move on?’ she


Asks, and I concur. So

Down the pit we move

Again, towards the bottom, where


My Guide says the Great

Demon, the Great Spirit’s opposite,

Awaits our arrival down below.


Down we go until we

Reach the dead Oak Tree,

Where a circle of dark,


Foul forms await, and I

Understand quite quickly that they,

Instead of Guiding, hinder people,




Using the parts of life

They control to do so.

They do not speak and


Simply stare, their anger quite

Obvious to my gaze. And

Then they part, for time


Is short, and the Great

Demon awaits. So we pass

Through, and at the Oak


Tree is a sexless beast

Who says: ‘It is my

Task to hinder people who


Live their lives. Whilst the

Great Spirit guides, the Great

Demon hinders. Neither of us




Wins or loses. There is

A balance, of this good

And evil. Now go, leave.


Tell others what you have

Seen this day, and do

Not return. Go now, Danté.’


And so my guide and

I leave this pit, climbing

Our way out, tiring quickly.


But eventually we escape, unhindered.

And we travel, and I

Pass out once again. And


Upon my waking I find

Myself, once again, at the

Crossroads. Except now I know




Which way I must go.

‘Thank you,’ I say to

My guide, and she nods


To me. And then she

Fades, and she has gone

Away. Now it is my


Task to explain how the

World works to the people

I meet. And so I


Walk. I walk forwards in

Life, towards discovery, and to

Tell people about the truth


Of life. And the last

Words I think, now, are

These: ‘Great Spirit Guide You.’

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