im just the maid

My name is Maria-Lynn and I used to live with my sister Amber. I used to anyway it started on a summer day when my parents said that they hope I die. I ran to Amber and she let me live with her we love to sing and dance and she was singing along with the music while I danced in the background a man went by and it was Simon Cowell one directions manger he went and said that he would sign her on and she agreed only if could come he said yes and then we got to the Manchin he sent me into a room and I became the maid while my sister was off singing with a big Band now I'm just that ugly maid to her


1. when it started

Maria POV

I walked down the stairs to my drunk parents.I walked up to them to see if they wanted water or aspirin when my dad walked up to me and said that they hope I die them he punched me in the face while he pulled out a gun saying that I needed to leave before they shot me so I ran as fast as I could and as far as could til I came to my sister's house where I found her singing laying on the ground singing talking to the moon by Bruno mars when she saw me bleeding she ran up to me and cleaned me up then I told her what happened she was so mad she called the cops and said I could live with her I agreed and since then it's been 2 years when I was 13.she is now singing with one direction while I wait on them, as you now I'm a maid now let's just say Simon Cowell you ruined my life that I was just starting to put together.


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