The Millenium Sacrifice

Hidden in the sewers, is an unknown kingdom, full of strange beings. Every millenium, they chose 6 boys to sacrifice. When the fated date comes around again, Respect, the teenage queen, Cleaver and Static, her best friends, and the strange boy with magic powers, are all given the task to find the boys. Boys who have changed the world, for the worse. The members of the weak boy band "One Direction", and the girly child "Justin Bieber" are the ones chosen.
Now Respect and CO. just have to get them underground.


3. Those Six Boys.

Zayn. Louis. Liam. Nial, And who was that dog-haired girly one? Oh yes Harry. I hate them all, and I know it would be so, so, so very bad, and so, so, SOOOOO very selfish, but I couldn't help wondering... Wait, that was only five. We needed six. Well, there was another "amazing" teen curse I could add. Justin Bieber, join my death list.

I stared at Cleaver, a smile splitting my face. She glanced at me, her face showing confusion.

"Huh? What is it?" She questioned tensely.

"One Direction and Justin Bieber." I hissed.

"We're gonna sacrifice them?!" Cleaver exclaimed.

I knew for a fact that she hated them, and that was fine. She preferred her music real, and was a huge fan of acoustics and other music like that. Heavy autotune gave her a headache.

I was going to make her so happy.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Let's go and tell Static!"

I knew that Static's older sister had been a "Belieber", the brain-dead morons who actually think his squealing is good singing, and it was partly her fault that Static was dead in the first place. She had hated all of those sort of singers, anyway. Static was an Otaku, and like all American Otaku, she adored anime songs and Vocaloid.

We saw her up ahead, talking to that boy Cleaver was looking at earlier.

"Hey! Hey!" She waved her arms in the air. "This guy is a messenger from Cassandra!!!!!"

Sprinting over, Cleaver and I begun screaming back.

"Is it about the sacrifice thing? Because we've already chosen!!!!"

We came to a halt in front of this strange boy. He was dressed in black and grey, the colours of Cassandra's realm. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black, almost as if he had been dead a long time, which he probably had. He wore a pair of baggy black jeans, held up with a chunky belt. His T-shirt was simply plain grey, a normal affair.

"Greetings, Respect." He started. "Thank you for welcoming me into the hospitality of your tribe's home. I am a messenger fro-"

"Respect?" Cleaver piped in.

"Excuse me, but I would prefer that you would NOT interrupt me when I am trying to speak to your leader. Are you Respect? Good. I didn't think so." Glaring at Cleaver, he turned back to me. " I am a messenger from Cassandra. I have been sent to tell you about the Millennium Sacrifice, but since you already know about it, I will be here to help you."

"Oh!" I was happy to get some help, since I was still new to this dead thing.

"If there's no problems here, I'll unpack my bags now." And he walked away.

That's when I realised.

"Um, excuse me!"


"What's your name?"

".... I have many different names, let's just say that."

That's when he disappeared.

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