The Millenium Sacrifice

Hidden in the sewers, is an unknown kingdom, full of strange beings. Every millenium, they chose 6 boys to sacrifice. When the fated date comes around again, Respect, the teenage queen, Cleaver and Static, her best friends, and the strange boy with magic powers, are all given the task to find the boys. Boys who have changed the world, for the worse. The members of the weak boy band "One Direction", and the girly child "Justin Bieber" are the ones chosen.
Now Respect and CO. just have to get them underground.


1. Respect, The Teenage Queen

My name is Respect, and I am dead.

I have been dead for two years now. When I did die, the dead chose me as their queen. That means I am sort of a goddess, even though I am only queen of one branch of dead. I am 15 now, I was nine when I died. People age quickly in the sewers. I have long, very, very long, black hair whicn covered one eye, the other adorned with tattoos. I usually wore black, since it made me blend in with my surroundings. My maids are, Cleaver, a 24-year-old woman, and Static, a 14-year-old girl. They are always with me!

Our story begins, well... Now!

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