The Millenium Sacrifice

Hidden in the sewers, is an unknown kingdom, full of strange beings. Every millenium, they chose 6 boys to sacrifice. When the fated date comes around again, Respect, the teenage queen, Cleaver and Static, her best friends, and the strange boy with magic powers, are all given the task to find the boys. Boys who have changed the world, for the worse. The members of the weak boy band "One Direction", and the girly child "Justin Bieber" are the ones chosen.
Now Respect and CO. just have to get them underground.


2. Morning at Midnight

You may not know this, but the dead sleep too. Just like the live, we have to replenish our energy, or we will fade away. We have differant sleeping patterns, though, and morning is at midnight.

That's where we start. Morning

"Respect. Respect. Get up. Your people want to see you."

I was roused by Static, in the only way she knew. Blunt, and to the point. Static is a lot like that, playing safe, since she died in a traffic accident. Her car swerved off the road and... Well, you can guess the rest.

Static herself, looked a lot like she did in life, with her short blonde hair and intense grey steely eyes. She wore the same outfit she was wearing when she died, a pair of denim shorts and a fluffy hoodie. It suited her. The tribe tattoo, a cat's eye, was engraved on her cheek.

"Come on. People want to see you." She stated bluntly, then walked out of my room.

I live in a cardboard box. Well, not one cardboard box. Lots and lots. They're the only cardboard boxes around, so I'm the only one with a house. Nobody cares, though. We are dead, after all.

Half floating, half walking, I exited the house, and looked out over my kingdom. It smelled, because we lived in a sewer. It also was very dangerous to living human beings, so no one would find us. It was the perfect plan.

A short while away, I saw Cleaver, watching a boy. Cleaver, as her name suggests, had a huge cleaver stuck in her head. Apart from that, she was really pretty, yet shy, wearing a bloodstained school uniform.

"Hi, Cleaver!" I exclaimed, running over.

She turned away from me, staring at the ground.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, someone arrived last night, saying that it was time for a millenium sacrifice..." She whispered quietly.

"What's a millenium sacrifice?"

"Well, once a millenium, we must sacrifice six teenage boys to the goddess of death, Cassandra. We must do this, or Cassandra will eliminate all life on earth, in fact, the WHOLE earth. Each clan takes in turns to make the sacrifice, it is our turn this time. Are you ok with that?"


I am such a coward. Blood makes me go weak, I could never hurt someone, let alone pull out their heart so some pompous sky-hero named Cassandra! No way, Cleaver could do it.

"You can do it, Cleaver." I breezily answered, only to have her bat me down again.

"Has to be a queen or a king. Sorry, Respect, but do you have any idea of anyone to sacrifice?" She quiried.

I smiled.

"Yes. In fact, I do."

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