He's so sweet. With the way he beat up your brother? He protects me. One day he's going to get tired of protecting and take it out on you! He needs me and I need him. No I don't want you guys anywhere near each other!

Maybe my dads words are right? But not him not niall the sweet loveable Irish boy.


2. TWO

Melodys P.O.V.

6:00 I wake up to my alarm going off, I sit up and press the snooze button while streching my my arms up. I have to be there by 7:00 Dads already long gone for work. I get up and get dressed into a black tank top white skinny jeans and my green converse, I put my hair in a side braid. I went down stairs into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart got my keys and went out the door. It took me forever to get out off traffic, just when I started to move I got a text I ignored it till I got to the mall parking lot, i look at my phone it was from niall.


N: Mornin' love :) can't wait to see ya at lunch today :)


I was just about to reply but then I got a text from Liam


L: hey melody your probably at work but I just wanted to say hi :)

M: hi Liam I'm doing fine here at work, I miss you :(

L: i miss you too but cheer up today might be a good day :)

M: whatever you say bro, I got to go bye,


I was just about to reply to niall again before my boss came in and ordered me around. I went around folding clothes and organising stuff back to its place for what seemed like forever. Melody! Take the registers! Yes Harold, I sighed. Who? He snapped back at me. Manager styles, I reply quickly faking a proud smile while taking his orders, after a little while it was 1:55 I five more minutes, well i figured since no one was in line for checkout I'll go of but that was ruined when out of nowhere, Liam!? Mel! Oh my gosh Liam! I said almost in tears. I was so happy my big brother was back. I ran around the cash register to hug him and he kissed me on the cheek. You wouldn't think I'd let my baby sis be sad especially when your birthday is only a few days! Would you? Wait... how did you... That doesn't matter melody just that I'm here for you, he say interupting me from my question. So what's the plan for your birth... He stop as someone shoved him down on the floor punching him repeatedly.


A/N sucky short chapter I know sorry. But this is just a short fill in chapter. Bare with me Next one will be better i promise. ❤Grace

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