He's so sweet. With the way he beat up your brother? He protects me. One day he's going to get tired of protecting and take it out on you! He needs me and I need him. No I don't want you guys anywhere near each other!

Maybe my dads words are right? But not him not niall the sweet loveable Irish boy.



Niall's P.O.V.

I wake up a 6:00 I was up all night, I couldn't get to sleep, just thinking about melody, she was so tiny and adorable. I don't know what made me have a feeling for her, instead of insulting her when she bumped into me yesterday, was it her smile and blushing? or her long natural wavy  red hair? her soulful warmhearted brown eyes? I don't know... I figured she wouldn't be up just yet so maybe in about half an hour I'll text her.


still in my boxers, I jumped out of bed going downstairs. the second thing on my mind this morning was food. I get out a bowel and some cereal,  I poured myself a big bowel and devoured it. I decided I should probably take a shower. I got in and out, I quiffed up my hair and messed it up a little, with my dark roots showing. I put on some cologne. Well it's still a little while till I can go see melody, so I went up to my room and sit on my bed playing my guitar.

Lately, I've been going crazy, so I'm coming back for you, back for you, you, I finish singing the song I wrote. I glance at the clock 1:40 wow I gotta go. I arrive at the mall looking for my weirdo. Old navy she said, I mumble under my breath nervously. I enter old navy. I see a girl at the register talking to a guy that looked about a year older than me. Is that her? I whisper to my self. Then she walks over and hugs him and he kisses her cheek. Then I realise it is her. I ran over there and shoved him on the floor punching him in the face. Liam! she gasps for I guess that's his name. He shoves me off. then she realises that it's me,


Melody's P.O.V.

Niall? Niall!  I shout at him. What are you doing! Liam Limps over to my side. You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend! He yells back at me. I don't he's my brother! Oh so I'm not your boyfriend then? No,that's not what I mean niall! I mean we just met yesterday, and what kinda date is this where you kill my older brother? Look I made a mistake okay? I'm sorry! He said with Hurt in his eyes. Melody I'm fine, clearly if he thought you were cheeting he did the right thing, though he could have been less violent about it. Liam said that last part glancing at niall. 


What the flack is going on here! Harold said running towards us. he seen niall and stopped in his tracks. Niall Looked up at him with daggers in his eyes his face just went mad red. And I anything you should be beating him up! I say to niall. Oh really? Harry... Oh yes niall, wait do you two know each other? Liam asked a very  stupid question. Come on let's get out of here, niall says guiding us out of the store while Harold evilly laughs. He walks us strait to his car. Wait who's Harry? I question niall with fear shaking all over my body. I'll tell you later just get in. Wait where are we going? Liam asked. to my place Mr. Ask a lot of stupid questions, niall says joking around.


Wow... it's so weird how his mood changes to really mad about to kill two people, to joking around and being lovable, and to be honest I don't know anything about him, wow I'm I in for it.

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