He's so sweet. With the way he beat up your brother? He protects me. One day he's going to get tired of protecting and take it out on you! He needs me and I need him. No I don't want you guys anywhere near each other!

Maybe my dads words are right? But not him not niall the sweet loveable Irish boy.


1. ONE

Melody's P.O.V.

Beep beep* my phone wen't off as me and my best friend Demi were walking through the mall. It's my dad I need to go, I say staring at the text while still walking, when suddenly my phone falls out of my hand and I fall to the floor. Melody! are you okay? Demi says rushing to my side. I keep my eyes to the floor and stood up, Demi laughs and then, i look up and see this tall blonde boy, and he was taller than me in my heels. 


sorry, I say looking in his deep blue eyes. Oh it's okay, he says smiling down at me with his arms crossed over his chest. Oh my god! I love your accent! where you from? I say acting like an idiot. Well I'm from Ireland, he says chuckling at my reaction. Hi I'm Demi, Demi says cutting in. Hi I'm niall, what's your name love? He asks glancing his eyes over to me. I'm... I'm... melody, I answer studdering at the fact he just called me love. I just stared in his blue eyes. Hey melody. we need to go remember? demi says snapping me back to reality. Oh yeah, I say looking down at the floor blushing. Hey can I have your number? Niall asks me. Oh sure, i say grabbing his phone he was handing me, typing in my number ID in as, "weirdo from the mall" I also texted my self so I would have his number. Thanks, he says smiling. As I add in his number ID "Irish Hottie" he chuckles looking over my shoulder. Hey call me later? I say. yep bye, weirdo he says. Bye Irish hottie, I say dragging Demi with me to the car. She got In the drivers seat, and I was sitting in the passengers seat grinning like an idiot out the window. I turned on the radio. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! Oh god no, Demi said. This song is so annoying, she complianed. Hey it kinda fits my mood right now, I say then start singing along. 


After a few minutes Demi dropped me off at my house. See ya later mel, oh and good luck with that Irish boy! She says driving away. I walk in the house. Hey dad I say cheerfully. I thought you had a late shift tonight? Oh well i got my paper work done already so they let me come home, hey mel do you just want me to order some pizza for dinner? Sure sounds great dad. I say walking up to my room. Niall Hasn't called called yet so I decided to take a shower. It's a late Thursday so I decided to just pick out a pair of my pajamas. I step in the warm water relaxing my mussels and I wash out my long red hair, I get out and put my pajamas on and comb out my hair and put it in a bun. Just then I heard the door bell ring. Pizzas here! my dad hollers to me, I rush down stairs and join him. so any news on when Liam's back for vacation? I ask remembering that my older brother Liam is still at university. No not yet I won't count on him being home anytime soon though, dad sighs. We continued are conversation about random stuff

after we were done eating my phone went off. It was sitting in the table my dad saw it said Irish hottie. I quickly answer it running up To my room, I jump on my bed laying on my belly. (M is melody N is Niall)


M: hello

N: what's the criac?

M: well you called me.

N: yeah ok... Well... I was wondering if you wanted to go to a movie with me tomorrow?

M: well I have work tomorrow. We can maybe hang out during my lunch break?

N: okay sure that sounds good!

M: at 2:00 sound ok?

N: yeah where at?

M: at the old navy in the mall

N: where we met, huh weirdo from the mall?

M: yes ok I'll see you there. Bye

N: bye love


I hung up fangirling again that he called me love. I lay down under my covers and close my eyes and drift off to sleep exited about tomorrow

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