The Evils

I've heard so many bullying stories and the fact that some kids die from bullying brings tears to my eyes. Its horrid and a gruesome way to die. Here's my contribution to help raise awareness of bullying and its effects.


1. The Evils

My pillow case

Is full of tears

Tears of pain and sorrow

From crying to myself

Night after night

Month after month

Scared to sleep because

Morning will come

And the Evils will get me

They call me names

That stab my heart

They push me down

To watch me fall

They like to see me

Broken and scared

So they can belong

So they can fit in

“The Evils are coming”

I say to myself

When you can hear them calling

With maniacal laughter

I closed my eyes and

Clenched my fists

As they had their fill

Of punch and kicks


My nose full of blood

My eye swelling shut

I held my broken arm

And crumpled in defeat

Choking on tears

As they stood there

And stared

Realization can hit you

Like a slap in the face

Guilt and regret

Took their place

Most of them left me

One of them stayed

There stood their captain

The leader of Evil’s

I was hunched over shaking

Trying to breathe through sobs

Praying to him

To let me be

He knelt down slowly

Got right to my ear

“I’m sorry for this,

You shouldn’t forgive me.”

I looked at his face

And saw the ultimate pain

His mask dissappeared

His face twisted with regret

The guilt would haunt him

Every single day

Until death takes its toll

Then he spoke quite loud

So the whole room could hear

“Get out of here, go,

You’re wasting our air!”

My pain couldn’t stop him

His pain couldn’t either

The Evil’s greed to belong

Was all he could hear

I ran out of there crying

Feeling better off dead


To get an Evil’s power

You must feed off others

Who are stronger than you

Then you will die from

A life of silent,

pain and misery

Just like your victims did

So long ago

When you drained them

Of pride, of happiness

Of life

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