About a girl who is forced to join a new swimming team by her parents. Later on she will find out that the swimming instructors, weren't as sweet as she thought they were.


1. Membership.

   As I sit down at the unstable breakfast table, my mother lays a swimming membership in front of me. “Swimming…? Why?”  I ask, confused, “your father and I would like you to learn how to swim, sweetie, your fourteen; you need to learn such simple deeds,” she replies, and then hands me my bowl of frosted flake cereal. “You are going tomorrow, I know it’s the second day of summer, but you can’t just waste time on that stupid device.” She brings up, “WHAT?! Why tomorrow? I have plans you know, I’m a teenager,” I say, “Oh, whatever, plans to post a new photo on Instagram? I don’t think so,” she tells me. I just roll my eyes and get the last spoonful of cereal. After that I put my dish in the sink and then sit down to fill the sheet out.

     I fill it halfway up, and then go to the fridge to get a drink; I get a Sangria (non-alcoholic) and head back to my seat. Then I quickly finish it out, throw the pin down, and run to my room. I grab my phone off of the charger and pounce on to my comfy bed. I check my Facebook and notice all my notifications. There are Three-hundred and sixty-eight, Who’s been blowing up my profile? I click the little earth emoticon and saw that it was just my two friends, Jackie and Marcaleine, goofing off and liking all my statuses.  

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