About a girl who goes through the war in Sudan. She loses her friends, but no family since she doesn't know her relatives. She faces many troubles, but you can find out about them in the story, Sudan.


1. Olabode.

Africa is in very bad shape right now, especially where I live, Sudan. I’m just a girl, but I’ve been sold to the strictest slave-owners in Sudan. Their son is my best friend though, Olabode. I often play with him, but if my owners found out I did, they’d probably beat me, just because I wasn’t doing my job for five minutes.

   I grab an empty basket to get water in. The only lake is about two hours away in walking distance, and I walk their twice a day. Sometimes when it’s really hot outside, my feet blister during my journey, and the blisters usually get infected. There are dangerous types of species out there; speaking of that, some girl got killed by a puff adder snake last week. I had to watch that poor girl suffer through the pain, she was only seven years old.

  As soon as I walk out of the hut, Olabode gives me a grass bracelet he made me. I thank him, sit down the bucket, and put it on my hand. Then I pick the bucket back up, and run the direction of the lake. Mrs. Boonstakkie waves at me while I’m skipping on my way, and I smile and nod my head. Then, Out of the blue, I hear a very loud explosion, coming from the village behind me.

   I get worried, since I had eavesdropped on my owner talking about some type of war, where southern Sudan was going to try and kill all the young boys in the northern places. What about Olabode?  They could find him! I drop the bucket and run back to the hut as fast as I can, worried, Mrs. Boonstakkie was inside, everyone was inside, except me. I kept running, until finally I reach the home. I walk in, and saw a strange man. He had Olabode in his right arm, and a bloody knife in the other. Olabode was dead, his neck was pouring out blood. My only friend was killed, by a stranger, and I was too late to save him.

   I started to hold in my screams, as the man started to walk towards me. 

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