I'd Be Lost Without You

Scarlet (Scar) has suffered through many troublesome things in life, but still stays strong after 10 years of being abused by her family. When a certain someone comes into her life to intervene, her life changes. In a good way or in a bad way is the question.

15+ some parts may be to violent for readers. Reader discretion advised.


3. 3

When we walked into his house, I was surprised by how beautiful it looked. It wasn't to big, but it wasn't any old trailer home either. "Is it just you that lives here?" I asked him. 

"Yup. There's only one bedroom, but there are two bathrooms. Just look around and make yourself at home, I'm going to go take a shower. Both bathrooms are upstairs by the way." He shouted the last part because he reached the top of the stairs by then. I walked to the kitchen, it was a bit small, but by far bigger than the one at my house. Next, I went to the living room. There I saw an Xbox, and a flat screen tv with toy story movies scattered across the floor below it. Then, I went upstairs to the bedroom. It was cozy, it had a queen sized bed, and a smaller flat screen tv on a cabinet across from the bed. 

I went to the bathroom that the boy wasn't in, in search of hydrogen peroxide to clean my cuts. I immediately went to the shelves to find some. With luck I found some cleaning material, without luck, there was only rubbing alcohol. This is going to burn like crazy. I shut the door, and sat down on the toilet. I slowly poured some on my first cut. "Fuck." I cursed under my breath only the rest of this leg and the other to go. 

When I completed my first leg, I was crying non stop. I heard the shower turn off a couple of minutes ago so I knew I needed to finish quick. The boy knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you ok? I can hear you crying in the hall." He said. Shit. I poured more alcohol on my leg, but this cut deeper than the rest, so it burned like hell. I sobbed louder. 

"I'm coming in ok?" He said walking in. His eyes widened at the situation. I had cuts on every in of my legs, I wouldn't blame h for staring. "Oh my god." He said walking over to my sobbing self. He kneeled down in front of me. "Why?" He asked now holding my hands. I felt sparks as his finger tips grazed my skin. "Why would I tell you? I don't even know your name!" Sure it was harsh, but it was true. He was a complete stranger to me. "Liam." 


"You said you didn't know my name. My name is Liam." He said looking into my eyes. "Now tell me why." He replied. 

I just shook my head. I was starting to feel self conscious, because I glanced over at my jeans that were on the floor. I started tensing up. I knew he wasn't staring, but it still made me upset with myself for cutting my legs. He must've noticed that I tensed up, because he went over to my jeans and brought them to me. I immediately put them on. "My family, that's why." 

He looked at more worried than before. But what he did surprised me, he hugged me. No one has ever hugged me, better yet kissed me for that matter. Considering the situation, I craved more of him. I felt sparks whenever I touched him for some reason.  

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