Follow the Theme

Every week I'll put up a theme and all you have to do, if you'd like to take part, is write a poem or a few paragraphs based on it. This is mainly to improve writing skills and they'll be one winner every week who will get a shout out mumble from me as a little prize.
Please join in and have some fun practicing your writing skills and sharing them with others. :)


6. Week 3

Theme: Silence

Running From: 1st June - 8th June


*Entries so far listed below*




I open my mouth to talk but not a sound is heard,

Silence fills the room with a shudder of fear,

Nobody dares to say a word,

Everyone lurks into the shadows,

Nobody even breathes,

No noise comes from  upstairs,

No noise from downstairs,

Not a heartbeat is alive,





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