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Every week I'll put up a theme and all you have to do, if you'd like to take part, is write a poem or a few paragraphs based on it. This is mainly to improve writing skills and they'll be one winner every week who will get a shout out mumble from me as a little prize.
Please join in and have some fun practicing your writing skills and sharing them with others. :)


4. Week 2

Second Theme: Giraffe (It's random week every other week and so this week we have a random theme of Giraffes!! Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with :D)

Running from: May 25th - 1st June


*Entries so far listed below*




Now, every now and then,

We all see a few giraffes,

But the recipient for the best,

Has to go to the giraffe.


It's hard to walk by one,

And not crack a grin,

When you see the horse-like creature,

With a seventeen-foot long chin!




It's not every day you see a giraffe,

But when you do it makes you laugh,

Their tall necks as tall as trees,

And their wobbly knees,

Different spots all over the body,

And they definitely can't fit into a lobby,

Their sensitive ears too fragile,

Doesn't cause any hassle,

Giraffes are beautiful delicate animals, Tall and large with skinny necks.




Nibbling grass, not doing it fast,

Taller than trees, scaring away the bees,

As friednly as a cat, as scary as a bat.


Once upon a time it started as a mutation,

And now, that longer neck has swept across the nation,

All we see now is the brown dots, the yellow coat,

And of course,t he long neck that is soaked,

In the green leaves that drop from the trees.


Ian Gallon:


Children laugh

When they meet

a giraffe!

Not realising

How perfect

They are

For reaching

The best leaves!

Who knows

The giraffe's thoughts

When they meet a child?

We can only guess

When we see

His disdainful glance




Imagine a world where the giraffes are kings of beasts,

Where they are hailed like Gods and chosen as preiests,

They go to the zoos and see humans behind bars,

They go shopping and drive around in fine cars.


Humans are now endangered creatures,

After war and rage they've lost all their features,

They'll never forget the mistakes that they made,

and of course the great consequences that they paid.


Now the giraffes had a battle so great and so vast,

They fought with each other and no one knew how long it would last,

And after almost all were gone the arms finally ceased,

Leaving dogs rulers of the world and the kings of beasts.














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