Follow the Theme

Every week I'll put up a theme and all you have to do, if you'd like to take part, is write a poem or a few paragraphs based on it. This is mainly to improve writing skills and they'll be one winner every week who will get a shout out mumble from me as a little prize.
Please join in and have some fun practicing your writing skills and sharing them with others. :)


5. Week 2 WinnerS

Well, this week there were so many amazing entries that I couldn't possibly pick fact, I have THREE. Yes, yes, it sounds a bit stupid but if you read the poems you'd realise they all have great features and have different positives about them.


The three winners of this week aree........



Ian Gallon



(I found it hard to pick just one as they all had features I liked within them)


Diego<3: I loved the second part of your poem the most - the rhyming scheme fit well and it flowed nicely.

Ian Gallon: Your poem was unusually shaped and I liked the nice flow of it. In particular I liked the use of the questions and the ending.

Roxy: I love the imagination put into your poem, how life would be like the other way around. It also rhymed as well which was an added bonus and it was generally structured well.

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