Follow the Theme

Every week I'll put up a theme and all you have to do, if you'd like to take part, is write a poem or a few paragraphs based on it. This is mainly to improve writing skills and they'll be one winner every week who will get a shout out mumble from me as a little prize.
Please join in and have some fun practicing your writing skills and sharing them with others. :)


3. Week 1 Winner

This was a tough decision and I think that all poems were written so well and they all were honest to the theme.

But obviously, I had no choice but to pick the winner, who is....


*drummmmmmmmm rooooolllll*





Congrats! I chose your poem because it explains the effect before and after you relax and how you feel as that knot inside you unties. The rhyming was really effective too!


I loved all the other entries too, and I urge you all to please enter the theme for next week :D

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