10 Dramione Fanfics song suffle

dramione is also my huge otp love them. so i decided to do a song shuffle about it. Enjoy.

I dont own harry potter, i only own these plots :)

Warnings: talks about attempted suicide, slight reference for a yellow contented book few swear words...don't read if you don't want.


9. The Boys Are Back - High School Musical 3

"Right you know the plan, on 3 we ambush...take everything and run back to base. The enemy will attack but we have to complete this mission" Draco Malfoy said as he crept past a red pristine painted wall carrying a large water gun "okay" giggled a small boy with the same platinum blonde hair as the older man


The two boys ran into the large kitchen area and started to fire the water gun a woman screamed and the little boy grabbed a plate of cookies of the counter top and ran back out again. the older man had slipped and lay spread eagled on the floor, the little boy came running back in the room "Come on sergeant Daddy, lets go!"

"Can't go on, go without me"

"NOO!! come on Daddy, you can do it"

"Stop right there, both of you are under arrest" The woman said

"No the enemy!" the little boy shouted

"hold I soldier" The woman said with her hands on her hips, the woman's stomach was bulging with the 8 months pregnancy inside her.

"Games over squirt" Draco said standing up and kissing his wife on the cheek

"Sorry Mione, we wanted cookies"

"Really Malfoy you know better, the twins and Rose are in bed and you know better than to give your son sugar. Remember what happened last time"

"Fair enough, Mummy's right Scorp...no cookies, time for bed it's past your bed time"

"Speaking of bed time where's Arlo?"

Hermione said looking worried

"He's at Lily Potters house" Draco said

"Oh...Is Harry and Ginny there?"

"Of course Granger im not going to let our 15 years old son stay at his girlfriend's house without their being parents there"

"I love it how you call me Granger even though we're married and have 5 and a half children" The half being the child inside her

"You'll always be granger to me granger...oh my god. What if the baby's in Hufflepuff!"

"We manages 5 times without getting our child in Hufflepuff so hopefully this one wont be either"

"I love you. you made me the happiest man alive"

"Eww that was so cheesy"

3 weeks later baby Liv came and she grew up to be the Female version of Draco and was housed in Slytherin she was tall slender and beautiful and Grew up to marry Blaise and Astoria's son Marcus. Arlo Married Lily Potter, Hugo and Alistair married Percy and Audrey's twins Molly and Lucy, Scorpius married Dominique Weasley (bill and fluers daughter) and Rose married Lysander Scamander

and they all lived happily ever after.

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