10 Dramione Fanfics song suffle

dramione is also my huge otp love them. so i decided to do a song shuffle about it. Enjoy.

I dont own harry potter, i only own these plots :)

Warnings: talks about attempted suicide, slight reference for a yellow contented book few swear words...don't read if you don't want.


3. Kiss me - Ed sheeran

"Malfoy what are you doing let go of me!"

Hermione shouted as Draco grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a deserted corridor. As he let go of her she rounded on him

"What on god's earth was that for!" she demanded

"I needed to talk to you" Draco replied calmly

"And what are you incapable of walking up to me and asking me to talk?!" she asked trying to sound calm but her temper escaped.

"No...but if I did, don't you think people would accuse me of acting strange?"

"Ugh. I guess your right but really Malfoy this is stupid, I don't want to talk to you"

she made to leave when he held her wrist and stopped her from leaving

"LET GO OF ME!" she screamed at him

"Not until you listen to me Mya!" he said as he pinned her to the wall by her shoulders he stared into her big brown eyes.

"Don't call me that. You lost the right to call me that, you lost the right to even talk to me, let alone hold me against my will, now Let. Me. Go" She said, her voice had grown cold and her eyes had reverted to slits, she stared hatefully into his grey eyes

"No...you need to listen to me, and I wont let you leave until you do Hermione" he said her name almost like he was purring, he let her name roll off his tongue which made her shiver uncontrollably  "got that?" he added

"FINE!" she said giving into his powerful stare "What do you want?" she added

"You" he replied letting go of her shoulders and standing up straight

"Excuse me?" Hermione said still leaning against the wall as though she had been stuck there. she was lost for words, completely speechless

"You heard what I said Mya"

"Uh yeah I just want to know why?"

"Because I still love you"

"Wait hold up you love me...WHAT THE HELL MALFOY! you were the one who broke up with me! How in merlin's name can you stand here and tell me you still love me? The night you broke up with me I stayed in that room for 8 days! Everyone thought I was dead! And then I saw you in the room of requirement and you looked all happy as hell, you were dead set on running back to him! you didn't even help me when your Hell crazy Aunt tortured me for 7 hours in front of your own eyes! How can you say you love me Draco? After everything you put me through"

"LOOK" he said pinning her back up against the wall, looking deep into her milky brown eyes; transfixing her so that she had to look back

"I love you, I haven't stopped loving you, you know how hard that day was for me, and how hard watching you almost die. after you got away I almost killed myself I would have done if it wasn't for your patronus message. You know why I couldn't help you, they would have killed us all in a second, he would have killed you. Jeez Mya please believe me"

she did, she knew he was telling the truth and she knew she still loved him

"Draco...I still love you. I mean who couldn't, your perfect, but I just don't want to get hurt again, I don't want to go through all the things I did last time" she started crying and he pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms protectively and lovingly around her burying his head into her shoulder

"Hermione Granger you are mine and I will never hurt you ever again. I promise to love you and keep you safe forever and always!"

"Kiss me Draco Malfoy"

He slowly lent down and brushed their lips together, he deepened the kiss and she responded

They were completely in love.

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